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The data provider /STDF/DP_SECURITY in Operations Control Centre(OCC) dashboard is used to provide security-related information and metrics for your SAP landscape. It plays a crucial role in helping organizations monitor and manage the security of their SAP systems.

The purpose of the Security Data Provider is to display the compliancy of the ad-hoc reports scheduled via the Trend Analysis tool in the Configuration Validation Scenario.

Since SP09 release, an extension to DP_SECURITY has been made where in we can visualize the data based on drilldown by systems.

Configuration of Security Data Provider for multiple systems

Until SP08, multiple queries have to be created to get the compliancy details for different systems. Configuration is shown as below.

The Security Data Provider has two main attributes for the selection of the different filters : "Report" and "Selection".

Here is a table explaining all the possible attributes

Attributes Description
CV_Report List of available CV_Reports
System List of available Systems
Metrics List of available Metrics
Compliance List of available Compliances. Their possible values are YES, NO, ITEM NOT FOUND, NOT VALUATED.
Selection List of available Selections. Their possible values are Value, Rating.
Target_Value List of available target values

The list of systems and metrics are returned after selecting a CV_Report.

Select the required filters for a system to get the compliancy details.

Create another query for a different system to get the compliancy details and below are the queries created for two different systems.

In this example let's see the compliancy details for yesterday.


The output is as follows:

The above values only show the total count of all selected compliances in the OCC configuration but it is not showing the value of each compliance.
If there are 10 different systems then different queries have to be created for each system until SP08.
From SP09, an extension has been made to DP_SECURITY to visualize the data based on drilldown by systems.
Now, lets see how to configure the same scenario with just one query and get the results for all systems at a time.

New filter "Drilldown" has been added from SP09. Select Drilldown by system.
The below output with each compliancy value can be displayed by configuring just one query with different systems.

Also an additional extension has been made to DP_SECURITY by providing a  jumpin feature to standard configuration validation application from Dynamic table renderer when clicked on reference system hyperlink.

By clicking on the hyperlink it will be navigated to standard configuration validation application.