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We see statements like the following one in internal and external BCP incidents:
“Last week the tile with title ‘Display customer details’ was still there. Now it is gone.”

What can you do if you miss a tile on the homepage of the ABAP front-end server based Fiori Launchpad (FLP)?

Are there alternatives to creating an incident with not more than the statement above?

Yes, there are two principal approaches:

  • You are more the "ABAP system admin" type of person then you should go for SAP Note 2116090 (support component CA-UI2-INT-BE) for futher directions. At the front-end server you can also do analysis for a different user.

  • You are more the "look at it in the browser" person then you should follow the steps below. Here you can only analyze for yourself or for a user having the same roles assigned than you. Let's open the browser dev tools and go for it.

  1. Open Dev Tools. [F12] or [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[i]. Chrome browser is preferred.

  2. Go to Network Tab.

  3. Reload the Launchpad [F5]. You see the list of requests that are made to start the Launchpad.

  4. Scroll to the PageSets request (It is within the 10 first requests and starts with PageSets('%2FUI2%2FFiori2LaunchpadHome')?$expand=… ).

  5. Double click on the respective list entry. A new tab is opened that shows the JSON data of the request. It contains the data necessary to display the homepage including the tiles. (If you have added JSONView extension to Chrome via settings -> extensions, you see the request in a more human-readable format)

  6. Search for the title (or parts of it) of the missing tile in the PageSets request result [Ctrl]+[f]

  7. If the title is not in the request then something went wrong with the configuration/content of the homepage.
    Possible reasons:

    • The assignment of role / group / tile in group is wrong.
      --> Check with the responsible for the FLP configuration aka FLP content.

    • If you are sure that the FLP configuration / content is defined and assigned correctly
      --> Check SAP Note 2116090 (support component CA-UI2-INT-BE) for futher directions.

    • It could also be that a broken translation prevents you from finding the expected title in the PageSets request. In that case you could search for the original language title.
      --> Check SAP Note 2116090 (support component CA-UI2-INT-BE) for futher directions.
      In all those cases the support component CA-UI2-INT-FE is not the right one.

  8. If the title is in the PageSets request we need to check if there is a target mapping for the intent of our tile as tiles without a matching target mapping are not displayed on the homepage. The reason for this is that there would not be an app to be started when you click on the tiles. So it was decided to not display the tile at all in that case.
    The intent is contained in the "content" member in the respective PageSets entry and it will look like …\"navigation_target_url\":\"#Customer-display?details=all\"…
    Copy the intent without the # and without parameters “?...” (Customer-display in our case).

  9. Open the second start_up request in the requests list by double clicking on the entry in the network tab request list. This request contains all target mappings assigned to the current user. In older releases of FLP/UI5 the target mappings were included in the request containing …TargetMappings… in the URL.

    Search for your intent [Ctrl]+[f].

    • If the start_up request does not contain the intent. The target mapping for your tile is missing. A possible reason for that could be, that one of your roles has been removed or that there is inconsistent configuration / content on the server.
      --> The person responsible for the configuration / content is to be contacted to create
      the missing target mapping or to assign the role containing the catalog that has the respective target mapping to you.

    • If the start_up request does contain the intent the configuration / content is correct.
      --> Create a support incident for CA-UI2-INT-FE and describe besides the issue what checks you have done already.

    • If the start_up request contains more than one entries for the respective intent and if the wrong app is started.
      --> The person responsible for the configuration / content is to be contacted to adjust target mappings in such a way that the one representing your favorite app is resolved with priority.

    • A second reason for starting the “wrong” app in case of multiple target mappings with the same intent is that the intent parameters of the tile do not match your expected target mapping ones.
      --> The person responsible for the configuration / content is to be contacted to analyze the issue. In this case it is also reasonable to let the dev team that is responsible for the app to be started look into the issue.