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In this session, we will have a look at the HTTP requests (some are for resources which are necessary for rendering the app, some are for application real data) triggered when opening a Fiori app.                                           

Fiori Launchpad (FLP) is the entry point of the Fiori app "My Team Calendar".                                           

So we will access FLP first and then navigate to the Fiori app "My Team Calendar" from the FLP.                                           

(Press F12 in the browser to open developer tool)

Actually FLP is also a Fiori application, so SAPUI5 library files also be requested.                                           

Please note that when open a Fiori app, such as "My Team Calendar", SAPUI5 library files will not be requested again since they have already been loaded.                                           

It might be interesting for you to know the relationship between FLP and the Fiori applciations.                                           

The Fiori app "My Team Calendar" is "a SAPUI5 component" (content) which is embedded into the FLP (shell).                                           

Please note that the shell is "invisible".                                           

Please refer to "SAP Fiori Launchpad for Developers - Architecture Overview" for more details.                                           


Open the Fiori app "My Team Calendar"                                           

"Component" is independent and reusable parts used in SAPUI5 applications.                                           

We can embed this component into a surrounding container such as FLP.                                           

The XHRs triggered when this Fiori app is open:                                           

We will talk about requests such as library-preload.json, Component-preload.js later.                                           


This request is triggered for getting metadata of the Odata service.                                           

Put simply, data is returned in the requests which do not contain any suffix.                                           

Thoese requests which contain suffix are for resources.                                           

As we can see, the data is returned in the "Response" of the requst:                                           


HCM_TEAM_CALENDAR_SRV is the Odata service name.                                           

EmployeeCollection is the entity name in the Odata service.                                           

Later we will need them to debug the ABAP code in the server to find out how the data is retrieved.                                           

HTTP parameters:                                           

$filter:StartDate eq datetime'2016-9-29T00:00:00' and  EndDate eq datetime'2016-10-12T00:00:00' and EmployeeID eq '00053533' and AppMode eq 'R'