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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
CATS - Cross application time sheet workflow is a single step task and it doesn't have any WSXXXXXXXX template associated. This blog explains all functional and technical aspects of how workflow task for CATS should be configured to work for my inbox.

Business Configuration
Transaction CAC1 - Profile configuration for CATS

You should create your own profile with the help of the functional resource.

Without approval procedure: Data recorded with this data entry profile are not subject to an approval procedure. The data is to be made available for transfer to the target applications directly after saving or release.

With approval procedure: All working times recorded with this data entry profile are subject to an approval procedure.

With approval procedure for exceptions: Only working times recorded with this data entry profile that are subject to the provisions specified additionally in the Rule Group for Special Approval are subject to an approval procedure.

Workflow Configuration
Open the task TS31000007.(Transaction PFTC)

For My inbox  to display the value you must bring required values in the description of the task. Which is shown above. (Get help of your workflow resource to execute this step)

Gateway Configuration
To configure this workflow using my inbox you need to maintain following parameters in the Gateway config.

SPRO->SAP Netweaver->SAP Gateway Service Enablement->Content->Workflow Settings->Maintain task names and decision options

Above configuration will enable you to get the approve and reject button in my inbox.

Configuration of OPEN TASK Link

Use Transaction SWFVISU (visulation parameters)

Select above task and click on "Visualization Parameter" on left.

Parameters you need to maintain
Dynparam - WL_ID=${item.externalId}&sap-wd-configId=HRMSS_AC_CATS_APPROVAL
Namespace - SAP

After above configuration if you are using standard task then below screen will popup on click of "Open task" button.

Development out come for "Approve Overtime" & "Reject Overtime" Buttons
you need to implement badi mentioned below to decide action on approval/ rejection using Green/ Red buttons.

If you want to modify task description then implement
Enhancement spot - /IWPGW/BADI_TGW_TASK_DATA.

For determining approval and rejection based action you put the source code in below badi.
Enhancement Spot - /IWWRK/ES_WF_WI_BEFORE_UPD_IB

Do not forget to maintain the filter value for this.


Please refer to your gateway workflow configuration for this step. Any wrong config for this will not allow your badi to execute.

In the method /IWWRK/IF_WF_WI_BEFORE_UPD_IB~BEFORE_UPDATE you will update the logic that you want to update. in this case it will be the CATSDB table update.

User your development team to write code in above badi as this is very customer specific.

Statutory Warnings

1. A lot of blogs refer to creating custom workflow for CATS. It is not recommended to create custom workflow because catsdb table in this case stores the workitem number. This workitem id is the id of task configured in profile which is TS31000007. If you create the custom workflow then your application will never work when you click the open task.

Related Note

2376995 - IWWRK - Support configuration of single step tasks