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This blog post will answer the FAQs from the webinar “Extending the reach of SAP Analytics Cloud with Microsoft Office front ends” presented and answered by Jeanne BigonnetThis webinar presented the new add-in for SAP Analytics Cloud to connect with Microsoft Office applications. For a detailed presentation and demonstration, please watch the webinar here 

Q: How does this add-in compare to Analysis for Office? When should we use them?  

A: You can find a detailed answer in the last part of the following blog.  


Q: Is there any compelling reason for an existing SAP Analysis for Office standard edition customer to move to or utilize SAP Analysis for Office SAP Analytics Cloud edition?   

A: If you’re already using SAP Analysis for Office standard edition, there is no need to change your version. Using SAP Analysis for Office for SAC edition is useful for SAP Analysis for Office netnet customers who are wanting to only connect to SAP Analytics Cloud as a data source. 


Q: What are the options of connecting to S/4 OP, Cloud, and BW4HANA?  

A: S/4 Cloud connectivity is currently not supported – please visit the SAP Analysis for Office road map in the webinarFor S/4OP or BW4HANA you can use SAP Analysis for Office standard edition, as described in this blog. 


Q: Which Analysis for Office Version do I need to have to connect Analysis for Office to SAP Analytics Cloud?  

A: You can use SAP Analysis for Office for SAP Analytics Cloud edition if you are only connecting SAP Analytics Cloud as first entry source, or you can use SAP Analysis for Office standard edition if you’re connecting to different BW/HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud sources 


Q: When will the customers be able to store and to schedule Analysis for Office report publicationon the SAP Analytics Cloud platform?  

A: Please see the SAP Analysis Office road map. Currently this is planned in our “Future Direction”. 


Q: Does this new add on come with SAP Analytics Cloud licenses 

A: Yes, it does.  


Q: How can I access this add-in? 

A: Please see the Deploy the Add- in" section of this webpage.  


Q: What versions of excel will the add-in work with?   

A: The add-in will work with on Excel desktop apps (on both Mac and Windows) as well as on Excel Online. For supported versions, please see this page.   


Q: Can I export data out of SAP Analytics Cloud directly to Excel or do I need the SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics for Office add-in to do that?  

A: Currentlythe workflow starts with the Add-in in Microsoft Excel 365, where you connect your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant and select youmodel (acquired data) to create your table 


Q: Can you blend the data from multiple models into a single report using this add-in? 

A: Currentlyit is not possible to insert different models in the same sheet, but you can create a workbook with different models on different sheets and blend it using Excel capabilities. 


Q: Can the current version of either excel add-ins (Analysis for Office or SAP Analytics Cloud add-in) use a save data formula to specify the intersection to save the data to?  

A: Using SAP Analysis for Office with BPC or BI IP you can use this formula. It is currently not supported on top of SAP Analytics Cloud, however, we have it in our road map for SAP Analytics Cloud Add-in in the long-term direction. 


 Q: Is it possible to run Analysis for Office for Microsoft and the SAP Analytics Cloud add-in for Microsoft Office on the same device at the same time? 

 A: Yes, this will work as they are based on different technologies which will not interfere with each other. 


Q: Where does the SAP Analytics Cloud Data Analyser stands when compared to the new SAP Analytics Cloud Excel add-in? Are there new developments for the Data Analyser?  

A: The SAP Analytics Cloud excel add-in product states in the Microsoft Excel environment on premise and on web version.    


Q: Can we presently save an Excel report using the SAP Analytics Cloud add-in to be saved into the SAP Analytics Cloud repository? 

A: There is no direct capability to store workbooks in SAP Analytics Cloud repository for now.  We have it in our long-term road map, but for now, you can store it on a shared drive. 


Q: Is it possible to create hierarchies and define formulas in Excel to reflect in SAP Analytics Cloud using Analysis for Office?  

A: In SAP Analysis for Office, you can connect SAP Analytics Cloud dataretrieve the hierarchies created and create your own calculations on top of it.