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h1. Facebook and Portal Integration II: Under the hood  Well, looks like I found time to write more about the things that go on under the hood of the integration of Facebook and the SAP Netweaver Portal. This blog will give details and also some embedded demo videos about the integration.   This is second in the series of two blogs. The first one is called *Facebook and SAP Netweaver Portal :  5 Easy Steps*     So now, let's get down to business.  h2.       5 Golden Steps: let's get dirty.   Note: That SSO has not yet been included in this integration. I will add that bit in a later version when I have time  h3. 1. Create a Facebook Application.  Go over to and allow the app to have access to your profile. This will allow you to create a new application for your use. This is needed to communicate with the Facebook platform and your application.  The folks over at Facebook have a very detailed guide to performing this so I am not going to add it here.  Visit [ |] for more details.    An example of a fully configured application is shown in the image below.  h4. Important parameters:   h5. 1. API Key  This key identifies your application to Facebook. You pass it with all your API calls.  h5. 2. Application Secret  Facebook uses this key to authenticate the requests you make. As you can tell by its name, you should never share this key with anyone.  h5. 3. Application ID h5. 4. Canvas Callback URL  This is the address where your application lives on your server, or the server where the application is being hosted. h5. 5. Connect URL   Sample Image of a Facebook Application