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Exporting Paginated table and section in scheduling workflow within SAP Analytics Cloud

In SAP Analytics Cloud story you can create a paginated table and section and when you perform manual export of the story with paginated table and section, its gets entire data within the table rather than WYSIWYG

Paginated table is enabled using below setting

Paginated table in view mode will have page navigation


Scheduling behavior of Story

Starting 2021.Q3.QRC (2021.13), during schedule runtime, settings applied at the table and the section will be respected and accordingly the output file (pdf/pptx) would be generated and delivered. This means, if the tables or the section are saved with pagination enabled, it will export all the data in the table and the section in the output file (pdf/pptx), however if not enable they will get WYSIWYG in the output file (pdf/pptx).


Point to remember

  • In SAC, each publication gets 15 min to execute the workflow to generate the PDF/PPTX, if the story takes more than 15 minute to export then the schedule  would fail with the error message “Scheduling the publication failed because the export task could not be completed in time.”. Now with the paginated table support in the scheduling workflow, if there are large number of rows and column within the table then can take more than 15 minute to export which could lead to the failure of the publication. Before schedule is created on a story/bookmark, It is recommended to test the manual export and ensure the story export do not take more than ~12 minutes (just to keep buffer of 3 minutes).

  • Delivery over email will fail if the size of the output file (Pdf/pptx) is more than 12 MB

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