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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
With SAP’s Integration Plan in the Cloud - SAP introduced distinct suite qualities that characterize SAP’s intelligent suite of seamlessly integrated applications - download the Document here.
With our webinar series we would like to bring you the actually 7 Suite Qualities (SQ) closer (recordings and future webinars can be accessed here).
The SAP Community call held on March 25th, 2021, gave an overview what the SQ "Coordinated Lifecycle Management" is addressing and how you can benefit from these efforts.

You can  also look at the presentation




What we are aiming for with this Suite Quality is uniformity in the areas of:

  • Automated provisioning

  • Integration setup and

  • Integration monitoring

across all SAP applications, that are part of the Intelligent Enterprise.
SAP is aware of the many manual steps – although they are well documented – and that they need to be put together into provisioning procedures that run automatically to finally provide ready-to-use tenants.

This also considers then the need to provide one entry point for all these business-related configurations.​
And with the other aspect of Integration monitoring we are going for a solution that identifies issues including root causes for integration failures in one single place.​


Automated provisioning and integration setup


Looking into automated provisioning that addresses issues like the many "Welcome" emails that our customers are getting for the various licensed solutions as well as the demand for a high flexibility in terms of an immediate provisioning / de-provisioning of software solutions based on the actual business situation - e.g. ad-hoc adjustments of licensed users that may change on a daily basis. The picture below tries to capture these things in a way of getting rid of all these sequential steps, but instead you will benefit from smart services that SAP offers for the Intelligent Enterprise applications.


Guided and highly automated setup for customer managed integrations


And when it comes to automated setup for customer managed integrations we‘re then getting into the more customer facing aspects of it, by talking about the possibility that you can easily integrate various application tenants on your own in an automated way.
And exactly for that the SAP Cloud Integration and Automation service gets introduced, where you get an intuitive design tool enriched by guided procedures into your hands. And these procedures are not limited to the tenant assignments but also support for instance user role assignments.



Cloud Integration Automation service - step-by-step explained


My colleague and co-host stefan.jakobi introduced the Cloud Integration Automation service in a demo step-by-step outlining its benefits as they are:

  • Selection of integration scenario and configuration targets via SAP Maintenance Planner

  • Simplified parameterization as technical parameters are pre-defined

  • Integration scenario execution is orchestrated by SAP Integration Suite Workflow service

  • Reduction of manual effort by using automated configuration capabilities


SAP Cloud ALM for implementation (CALM Build) and Cloud Integration Automation service integration to run your implementation projects


For integration automation it is SAP Cloud ALM for integration or as you may know it by the name CALM Build that should become your solution of choice. So, what you get with it is simply your implementation project management environment, where you can then manage and administer things.
By using it, you can assign roles and responsibilities for a project. You will then bring these roles together with certain project tasks that you defined and that got of course also a due date attached. And the implementation project managers need of course to see information about the progress - so it comes also along with a dashboard functionality showing you where you stand and what the next actions are.


Integration monitoring


Once things - or to be really precise – your business processes or business process sequences got setup, the responsibility, to make sure that the processes run continuously is usually remaining with the same folks who technically realized these scenarios.
So SAP is of course also in the need to provide an end to end visibility during the runtime so to speak, and what then these guys are struggling with are messages coming from different solutions that have a context, but isn’t brought to their attention.
And the way we tackled this is a centralized Integration Monitoring approach facilitated by SAP Cloud ALM for Operations. or called CRUN for cloud based scenarios, SAP Focused Run for on-premise scenarios which is integrated into the SAP Solution Manager.
The situation simply changes now from “something went wrong – let’s check why this happened” to “something went wrong, because of the following integration issue” and that should then work for end-to-end message flows that consist of many single and component-specific integration artefacts.


Key Take Aways


  • Motivation / vision and user stories for dedicated sub-topics

    • Automated provisioning and integration setup

    • Guided and highly automated setup for customer-managed integrations by using the Cloud Integration Automation service

    • How to use SAP Cloud ALM for implementation (CALM Build) and Cloud Integration Automation service to run your implementation projects

    • Integration monitoring with SAP Cloud ALM for operations and SAP Focused Run

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