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SAP Cloud Transport Management is the solution to transport development and application configuration content between your SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) Neo subaccounts or Cloud Foundry spaces. With this blog, I want to introduce you to the concept of transports in an SAP BTP Cloud Foundry environment.

If you are already using the SAP BTP Neo environment and plan to continue doing so, please check my other blog about using Transport Management in the Neo environment.


A typical SAP Cloud Transport Management Landscape

Since the Cloud Foundry environment differs in many ways from the Neo environment, I thought it's best to explain the overall setup to you in a Step-by-Step fashion. Hence, to make it easier for you to learn about using SAP Cloud Transport Management in the Cloud Foundry environment, I have created a new mission in the SAP Discovery Center.

As you might already know, the SAP Discovery Center missions are essentially ready-to-run projects containing tools, content, and customizable options. These missions are typically supported by mission coaches to help your journey along the way.

Start page of the Transport Management Mission

What you will need(Prerequisites):

You will need access to a Cloud Foundry subaccount which could be used for subscribing to SAP Cloud Transport Management and access to two SAP Cloud Foundry Spaces. If you already have such a setup, you can reuse it, or create a new setup in your existing SAP BTP Global Account. You can also get a new SAP BTP Trial Account and follow the mission directions for further setup and configuration.

What you’ll learn

The mission mentioned above has the following use-case:

Manually triggering content transport between SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Spaces.

At the end of this mission you would have learnt about the following:

  • Basics and terminology associated with SAP Cloud Transport Management

  • SAP Cloud Transport Management pricing

  • Configuring SAP Platform Transport Management to transport artifacts between SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Spaces.

So let’s get you started with SAP BTP Transport Management in the Cloud Foundry environment.

Here is the link to the SAP Discovery Center mission.

I hope you enjoy this learning experience. Do leave your feedback once you complete the mission.

See you there!

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