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This is the second blog of a series. You can find the first blog here:
Evolution of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Model Consumption in SAP Analytics Cloud – Review 2022
Last time, we looked at the 2022 release highlights for using both SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud together. This time, we will focus on our QRC Q1.2023 delivery and the outlook for 2023.

Consuming SAP Data Warehouse Cloud models in SAP Analytics Cloud should be as simple as possible. While both are independent products for good reasons, it is key to enable a seamless & integrated experience using both products together & maximizing the value for your use cases. That is, why we will start 2023 right off by improving the user's workflow on how to work with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud models.

Enhanced SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Model Integration

The goal is to make SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Models feel like native, integrated model types within SAP Analytics Cloud. They should support all relevant SAP Analytics Cloud capabilities for their purpose - serving analytic use cases. It all starts with the perception of the dashboard's creator on how to use SAP Data Warehouse Cloud assets.

With QRC Q1.2023 (wave 2023.01 for fast-track tenants), we will make it as easy as possible to consume SAP Data Warehouse Cloud models in SAP Analytics Cloud stories. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud tenants will appear like "network drives" in the model selection dialog, making it seamless to browse & use them in your stories.

Here is a short demo:

Try it out - you will recognize that this really makes a difference on the end-user's perception of how SAP Data Warehouse Cloud models are integrated into the existing SAP Analytics Cloud user workflows.

Outlook 2023

For us, this is just another, important milestone on our Evolution path. What we can already talk about for 2023, we want to extend this workflow improvement by supporting search & navigating folders in spaces. In addition to that, we plan to extend the support of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with features like Data Analyzer, Scheduling, External Hierarchies and many more.
Also, stay tuned for more information around our journey towards a deeper integration for planning in the course of this year.

I am curious to hear about your biggest wish for 2023, when it comes to the integration between SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP Data Warehouse Cloud - leave a comment!

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