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As we know the UWL in itself plays host to a wide range of different parameter settings and properties. These vary from underlying XML properties to fully functional-based performance parameters which dictate how the UWL operates and performs. In this blog posting we are going to cover the "Optimized Delta Retrieval for Single User" as a property option which is not to be confused with the "Delta Pull".

Optimized Delta Retrieval for Single User....

From a high level perspective the Universal Worklist follows the concept of two primary pull operations in terms of it's functional makeup. Firstly tasks and workitems are pulled from the backend systems (through configured connectors) into the UWL Cache. These workitems are then pulled a second time from the Cache into the UWL's interface i.e. the Inbox where they are subsequently presented to users. The "Optimized Delta Retrieval for Single User" is focused on a particular set of workitems. This option has been established for singular users (those who have been designated) and is used to pull workitems that have been created (new), changed (edited) or deleted into the Users inbox.

Important Points on the Optimized Delta Retrieval for Single User

Important Points on the Optimized Delta Retrieval for Single User

It’s important to mention that by default UWL does not use the Optimized Delta Data Retrieval for Single User for any connector .

  • This means that by default the option is deselected (as a checkbox)

This new feature is only supported for standard connectors which support the Delta Pull functionality:

  • The standard connectors in this case include the WebFlowConnector,  BPMUWLConnector, AlertConnector and GuidedProceduresConnectors
  • This feature is not supported for custom connectors.

Where is the option Located ?

Within the UWL Administration screen:

  • System Administration -> System Configuration -> Universal Worklist & Workflow -> Universal Worklist - Administration.

I cannot see the Option displayed ?

If you encounter this type of behaviour the first recommendation would be to check if the option appears visible after navigating through the UWL's standard PCD Path location:

Log on to the portal with an id that has tasks in the UWL and can access the PCD. Go to Content Administration ---> Portal content

  1. Content provided by SAP
  2. End user content
  3. Standard Portal users
  4. Iviews
  6. Open the folder
  7. Right click on the Universal Worklist
  8. and display a preview.

If the option continues not to be displayed the recommendation would be to perform a full UWL Restart (this does not entail restarting the entire Portal).

  • SAP KBA: 1894284 - How to restart the UWL Portal application.

If a restart fails to resolve the issue you can proceed to perform a UWL Component Redeployment

  • You can Redeploy the UWLJWF component in accordance to SAP KBA: 1921719: How to deploy same version of software/development component into java system via telnet command for 7.1x onwards java system.