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Previously I have written a mini blog series focused solely on themes, theme creation tools, theme issues and subsequently troubleshooting those type of issues. In this blog posting we are going to discuss a particular "masked" theme issue associated primarily to the CSS files holstered within the theme itself.

High Level Analysis

So as we discussed in the first theme based troubleshooting blog postingtroy.cronin2/blog/2016/02/06/ep-themes-issues--breaking-the-issue-down-high-level-analysis there are several ways to help simplify a theme based issue.

3 Principles To Follow - If you encounter an issue

  1. Determine firstly if the issue happens in all web browser platforms (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla).
  2. Determine if the issue occurs in both SAP Standard Themes & Custom Themes.
  3. Determine if the issue can be reproduced in all Portal Framework & Theme Combinations.

If you've followed the three principles above you already have a better understanding of your issue and can delve quickly into further analysis to get a solution.

Theme CSS returns a page not found

This issue has been reported on a few occasions in my experiences and in truth its occurrence can be random and intermittent thus making it a little mind boggling.

This issue can occur directly through Portal navigation across role selection or element navigation. These occurrences can effect the end users interaction with Web Dynpro Java and lead to further rendering issues.

Such an occurrence usually relates to a server node issue and SAP KBA: 2195099 - Portal theme is inconsistent after upgrade is a vital important of reference here.

With theming as we know there are multiple file folders at play and on some occasions small discrepancies in association to the servers will occur.

In the KBA outlined above which is the core means of resolution guidance there are two documented solutions.

If you follow the server approach this should "cleanse" any small discrepancies that could be causing the issue to arise initially.

However please bear in mind (complimenting solution 2) that from our side SAP always recommends ensuring that ALL the latest SP fixes are implemented as these are focused on preventing such issues from occurring.

  • Important: make use of the dependency tool provided to ensure there are no system discrepancies if you implement a Patch/SP.