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Background: You can use the UserDecisionHandler to handle execution of items of typesUserDecision.The UWL is shipped with the UserDecisionHandler for the WebFlowConnector.Their execution is handled through function modules SAP_WAPI_DECISION_COMPLETE or SAP_DECISION_COMPLETE.


Issue: From the UWL, a task that requires a user decision such as Approve or Reject along with a reason for this action via the UserDecisionNote is failing.

Exception: The system responds with the message "Grounds for refusal - required information failed".

Environment: EP Release Independent & SAP NetWeaver

Encountering the issue: Logon to the Enterprise Portal. Go to Home -> Work -> Universal Worklist .In the "Tasks" tab, select a workflow task.Perform the required action on this task (eg Approve/Reject) and then enter the reason for this decision via the UserDecisionNote field. You receive an error message “":Structure/Table DECISION_NOTE not found for SAP_WAPI_DECISION_COMPLETE".

Why does this issue occur:  The container element Decision_NOTE is not maintained for the relevant workflow item in the back-end system.

Resolving this occurrence:  In the Workflow Builder, you have the option of also specifying whether a note is to be entered for a user decision. There are three options: 'Not required', 'Note should be entered (requested)', 'Note must be entered (required)'.  At runtime, the system opens a note depending on the entry.  If you have already created user decision tasks in the customer namespace, you must also add the container element DECISION_NOTE (Type SOFM, Exporting) to the task container.