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Backdrop: When operating in an Enterprise Portal environment and attempting to download a zip file from KM (Knowledge Management) using Internet Explorer the file appears corrupted and subsequently cannot be opened.

Testing the Behavior:

  1. Download a *.zip file from Knowledge Management to your local client machine using Internet Explorer
  2. Try to open the downloaded zip file on your local client machine
  3. You are unable to open it receiving the error that the file is invalid or corrupted or you get "Unexpected end of archive"

Why is this happening:

Zip files uploaded into Knowledge Management can have two different MIME types configured under System Administration -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Content Management -> Utilities -> MIME Types, either application/x-zip-compressed or application/zip

Compressing the files

  • This mime type can be additionally compressed causing the file to appear corrupted when downloading


  1. Check the MIME type of your zip file in the portal by clicking on the context menu of the file and going to Details -> Settings -> Properties
  2. Open the J2EE Visual Administrator tool
  3. Go to "Global Configuration -> Server -> Services -> HTTP Provider -> Properties -> Never Compressed"
  4. Make sure that the MIME type specified for this file in the portal is added to the NeverCompressed list of the HTTP Provider
  5. Also add the file extension to the NeverCompressed list of the HTTP Provider e.g. Add *.zip,application/x-zip-compressed
  6. After making the changes click on the "Update" button

    7. Click on "Save Properties"

    8. Restart the J2EE

Good Article , it helps .
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Hi Deepak

Many thanks for the feedback and absolutely no problem at all it is my pleasure.

If you ever had any questions/queries pertaining to the Enterprise Portal please let me know.

Kind Regards

Troy Cronin

Enterprise Portal Support Engineer
Hi Troy,


Thanks for the reply.


I am facing issue like :


Inbox - work items - approve and reject buttons are not appearing . After SPU up gradation.


I was try to remove configuration files from UWL and clear the cache and re uploaded but still can not see button , is there any clue ?


please do help me.



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Hi Deepak

I hope you are keeping well and many thanks for using the SAP Discussion Forums 🙂

Based upon your description it appears that you are encountering an issue with the UWL (this is a KM Blog) 🙂

However it would be my pleasure to provide assistance.

Regarding your description firstly a key point to highlight:

  • Did you edit the correct XML? Did you re-upload the XML with a "high" priority ? XML's in assocation to the UWL follow the concept of precedence.

  • Atfer the file is uploaded (with high priority) then the UWL Cache should be cleared.

I have a dedicated blog topic on this particular scenario that you can cross-reference:

Let me know how you get on.

Kind Regards

Troy Cronin

Enterprise Portal Support Engineer
Thanks for the reply Troy. i will follow mentioned blog.

UWL - inbox can we customize and add new custom fields?
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Hi Deepak

My pleasure and absolutely no problem at all.

Surrounding adding custom fields and views this is indeed possible .e.g through the UserDecisionHandler which I would recommend reading up on as there is some great working examples out there.

Kind Regards

Troy Cronin

Enterprise Portal Support Engineer
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Thank you troy.


Q) SAP portal logon page reset password link changing from standard to web dyn pro abap link?

steps which i performed so far: but still can not see changes as expected. please advice.

Thanks for your reply and Please find below steps:

1) url:

Alias of Application for Customizing Login Pages (ume.logon.application.ui_resources_alias): /logon_ui_resources2) As config tool:

  • ume.logon.application.ui_resources_alias/logon_ui_resources 3) D:\usr\sap\XX0\J22\j2ee\cluster\apps\\myNewLogon\servlet_jsp\ ....... war file is also deployed through NWDS.

Restrated portal instance and web dispatcher but still can not see new changes.

Please advice.