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Backdrop:  When editing an existing XML Form or creating a new XML Form in Knowledge Management which contains a large number of input fields, it is not possible to navigate between input fields using the keyboard tab key.

Analyzing the Behavior

  1. Create a new XML Form or edit an existing XML Form which contains a large number of input fields, like the sample image above.
  2. Using the tab key on your keyboard try to navigate between the various entry fields.
  3. You are not able to navigate between the fields using the tab key.

Why is this occurring?

This is a browser specific issue which normally only occurs in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is unable to handle the complex HTML tables that are created when rendering such large XML Forms, as a result the tabbing functionality will not work.

Internet Explorer Points

As we know with different Web Browser Platforms comes a set of different Parameter & Property settings which need to be maintained in order to support optimal performance (functional aspect) and rendering. Additional information about the SAP release dates is provided within the publication of the current product matrix for NetWeaver (see SAP Service Marketplace at

On the PAM you can find the details relevant for your current Web Browser Platform on whether or not it is supported and the limitations (if any) which may exist in such a Product Version setup. If you are using an older browser version I recommend reviewing the links below as IE11 is now the recommended version for utilization. For IE8/9/10 support has ended.

- SAP Note: 1458799 - Limited supportability for Internet Explorer 8 & 9

Resolving the KeyTab Issue

  1. If possible try using a different browser, e.g. Firefox/Chrome.
  2. Avoid too much "overlapping" of your controls as this leads to complex HTML tables and also to this tab problem.
  3. Try to arrange your controls more like a table, with less columns, as depicted in the images below.