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In my experience working with Knowledge Management (KM) scenarios in association to the Enterprise Portal I have handled many different queries regarding TinyMCE as a text editor, it's utilization and subsequent support as a content creator and editor.

Is TinyMCE Supported?

Perhaps the most common query surrounding TinyMCE as a Text Editor is whether or not this can be integrated within the SAP Enterprise Portal. In true essence TINY_MCE is provided by a third party and its utilization is not supported by SAP therefore we do not hold a position in terms of advisory consultation on the text-editor itself.

I've Integrated TinyMCE & have some issues?

Any issues, which occurs in conjunction with the use of TinyMCE in WPC, would not be supportable by SAP as a result. Support regarding TinyMCE would be considered as remote consulting and can not be handled by the standard support service under the SAP maintenance agreement.

Although the possibility is available to use TinyMCE editor in place of HTML Editor in WPC, TinyMCE is not provided by SAP and therefore it cannot be supported by SAP. The maintenance agreement only covers software or system errors in the delivered standard Enterprise Portal product.

Guidance Documentation

There is an official guidance document which can be utilized as a great reference point here:

  • SAP KBA:  2274004 - Integrating TinyMCE HTML Editor for Web Page Composer (WPC) within the SAP Portal

Let me also highlight SAP Note 2274004 "When using the new WPC editors" as a very important point of reference here.

As we see the newly "revamped" editors are available from NW Versions 7.40 onward and require no additional TinyMCE integration steps to achieve the desired functionality. However  the new editors in this instance wont offer the same dynamic extra functionality as a scenario in which the TinyMCE Editor was integrated inside the new WPC editors has limited functionality and does not provide more functions then the standard HTMLB Editor within the standard WPC editors.

If you want to carry out further testing you should: Go to System Administration > System Configuration > Knowledge Management > Content Management > Web Page Composer > Editor >Editor Configuration and mark the checkbox "New Web Form Editor".

- Keep in mind that the new WPC editors cannot be customized, for instance the integrated editor cannot be replaced by another editor. Also as the new editors depend on the SAPUI5 and it must be available too.

For more information about the new editors you could check this document:

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