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Bookmarks and Portal Favorites are similarly labelled but easily distinguished in terms of a Portal Landscape. In my experiences I have come across and worked on many scenarios surrounding their intended management, organization and removal. In this blog posting we will cover how bookmarks can be created, manged and subsequently removed (if required).

KM Folders & Bookmarks

KM folders are utilized as the base platform in which KM Documents are stored and repositories accessed. For example in a KM Setup (within Portal) end-users can access, obtain, manage and review data information through documents sourced from business intranets, external WWW feeds and file servers.

Portal Changes & Mass Management of Favorites?

When managing Portal Favorites diligence is required to ensure no redundancies come into play. For example if Portal Roles have been changed to suit business requirements (PCD_ID changes/role assignment) subsequent issues may be encountered. Such a change would make current Portal Favorites links to become "broken".

Firstly if the Portal favorites are no longer operational and return invalid I would firstly recommend ensuring that the navigation path is maintained correctly especially if a system change has recently taken place.

In true essence the favorites themselves are just a link source to documents, iViews and pages. If there has been a change to a Path, to a document or the URL used to call an iView then obviously the old link setup will no longer function.

  • There is no automatic tool means of updating mass PCD_ID's of Favorites.

The only feasible resolution is for the end-user to re-add the favorite again (using the updated Path).

The end-user in the can also delete the older link (ones which are no longer functional) from the favorites iView

Remember if there has been a change to a Path (PCD), to a document or the URL used to call an iView (as in this particular case) the old link as we will not work.

Mass Deletion of Bookmarks

The report RSWR_BOOKMARK_DELETE can be used for the mass deletion of the Bookmarks.

The user has the option to select the bookmarks to be deleted under four conditions:

  1. Delete all the Bookmarks of a particular type(either for the selected templates or all templates),
  2. Delete all the Bookmarks which have not been used since the key date(either for the selected templates or all templates),
  3. Delete the Bookmarks by entering the Bookmark IDs directly,
  4. Delete all the Bookmarks created by an user(s), with option to also filter it further based on the last used date or template name.

However from the frontends perspective a keystone function for mass deletion does NOT exist. The users can delete their entries in the Favorites or KM Folders, which will remove the link in the Portal. A ABAP administrator can reorganize bookmarks using report RSWR_BOOKMARK_DELETE, according to note 1419451.