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Bookmarks and Portal Favorites are similarly labelled but easily distinguished and for that reason I would like to address how they are handled, managed and subsequently removed (if required).  KM Folders are utilized as the base platform in which KM Documents are stored.  For example through KM End-Users can access, obtain, manage and review data information through documents sourced from the business  intranets, external WWW feeds, and file servers. The KM Documents themselves are presented in the standard formats of PPT, excel, word documents and html.

KM Content & Portal Favorites

If you are familiar with the Enterprise Portal environment you will have more than likely come across the Portal Favorites iView which is displayed and holstered within the Navigational Panel. Each end-user with adequate Portal access and authorization can add and save their own Favorites which collectively builds the display within the Navigation Panel. This obviously means each different end-user account will have a diverse set of Favorites that they are greeted with upon logging into the Portal.

High Level Management - Favorites

As we discussed end-users hold the power and authority of what Favorites are displayed in their Navigation Panel. With proper authorizations you can edit Favorites, the content they display and how they appear i.e. related links and sub-folder setups.

Further information on how to organize entries from a graphical standpoint and appearance perspective can be found in the following guidance documentation:

Sample Scenario: Bookmarks are no longer needed?

Let us envisage a scenario in which an end-user is trying to delete/remove/hide bookmarks which are no longer needed from the Portal Display. In your research and trial deletion attempts you have found it straightforward to delete and manage any bookmarks from the perspective of the backend system but cannot manage to remove it from Portal Level and the Navigation Menu.

Sample Scenario (ii): Firstly do you really need them removed?

Remember the whole purpose behind a bookmark or Portal Favorites is for end-user convenience and ease of access. The Portal Favorites iView itself holds the sole purpose of giving users an easier and quicker means of accessing data, information and resources that they utilize frequently.

Sample Scenario (iii): I need to delete the Bookmarks/Favorites.

Is there any standard functionality that you can assign to the user to delete their own Bookmarks? The quick answer to this question is NO. Surrounding a prospective standard functionality unfortunately there is a limitation which exists here.

  • From a technical standpoint the report RSWR_BOOKMARK_DELETE can be used for the mass deletion of the Bookmarks.

The user has the option to select the bookmarks to be deleted under four conditions:

  • Delete all the Bookmarks of a particular type(either for the selected templates or all templates),
  • Delete all the Bookmarks which have not been used since the key date(either for the selected templates or all templates),
  • Delete the Bookmarks by entering the Bookmark IDs directly,
  • Delete all the Bookmarks created by an user(s), with an option to also filter it further based on the last used date or template name.

These are the four core conditions which need to be considered and highlighted. Now going back to what we discussed previously and the limitation which exists from the front-ends perspective a keystone function for mass deletion is NOT in existence.

The users can delete their entries in the Favorites or KM Folders, which will remove the link in the Portal.

An ABAP administrator can reorganize bookmarks using the report RSWR_BOOKMARK_DELETE, according to note 1419451.

Bookmarks are stored in several header tables and two cluster tables ,RSZWOBJ and RSIXWWW with the key "BM".

As we discussed previously there is NOT a program that will delete the bookmarks automatically.

However you can also directly delete the bookmark from table RSZWBOOKMARK if you enter the USERID under TSTPNM or using the timestamp.

If the Favorites are User Defined in theory you should be able to remove them. Next to the header "Portal Favorites" there is a square button(for context menu). Click on that button.. it will drop down three options - 'open in new window', 'refresh' and 'organize entries'. You must click the icon.

  • In there you will see the list of reports/link.

Click on the context menu next to the report that needs to be deleted and choose 'delete'. Remember for the deletion of the Favorites, you will require a BW Portfolio Management role.

Considerations & Important Points

The following documentation provides an overview on the BW Side surrounding the Delete Option.

  • SAP Note: 1419451 - RSWR_BOOKMARK_DELETE: Report to Delete the Bookmarks. The ABAP Administrator can reorganize bookmarks using report RSWR_BOOKMARK_DELETE, according to Note 1419451.

To elaborate further on the points above, on the User who can't delete the Bookmark from favorite. Just to remove the entry. There is a link on Portal Favorites which is called "Organize Entries". This link has a "Delete" option. To offer more clarity, when user creates a Portal Favorite in KM content then this Portal Favorite is just saved as a Bookmark of type 'B' along with the details like Owner, Time Stamp, Main Object Type, Main Object ID & XML Data.

There are other ways that users can create Bookmarks of type 'B' within the application and there is no way that we can differentiate between the Bookmarks Created as Portal Favorites and Application Bookmarks created through context menu or other means.

  • No Portal favorite title will be stored as part of the Bookmark Data in the Backend Table.

Also this Portal Favorite has References created in the table RSWR_DATA_XREF where no Portal Favorite title can be stored. Now when user clicks on a Portal Favorite then the request is triggered through the Portal Component and it only passes the underlying Bookmark ID along with the Portal Navigation Context to the Java Web.

From Java web this request is passed onto the Backend with just the Bookmark ID to be accessed. No references to the Portal Favorite title exists in the Backend so while deleting any Portal Favorite we can only delete the underlying bookmark ID but not the title from the Portal Favorite navigation window in Portal. So, this is the reason that when we perform mass deletion of bookmarks we delete them from the table RSWR_DATA and its references from the table RSWR_DATA_XREF.

Two Main Reasons:

  1. The Backend does not differentiate between the reference of the bookmarks which were stored as Portal Favorites from the rest of the bookmarks of same type 'B'.
  2. A particular user deleting bookmarks of type 'B' can be found but bookmarks of type 'B' with a condition that they are Portal Favorites cannot be found.

I hope you have understood the underlying complexity and limitation in providing a report, which can list all the Portal Favorite Bookmarks deleted by a particular user in the KM Content on Portal.

Removing the Bookmark Menu

If you wish to Remove or Re-add the Portal Favorites iView this is indeed feasible through:

  • Content Administration ->  Portal Content -> Content Provided by SAP -> End User -> Portal Users. You can see the default framework page here.
  • Open the framework. Select the desktop inner page check box and click OPEN.
  • Now you can see the Portal Favorites iView . Remove or re-add it to the page.

The Portal Favorites iView is part of the desktop inner page of your framework page.

Reference Documentation

  • SAP Note: 1502952 - SAP BW Bookmarks Central Note: Common Issues & Relevant Fixes.
  • SAP Note: 1419451 - RSWR_BOOKMARK_DELETE