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Several of my blog postings thus far have been aimed at troubleshooting performance based issues and pinpointing the root causes and this blog will follow the same notion except with particular reference to the AccessStatistic Service in association to KM (Knowledge Management).

What is the AccessStatistic Service?

Upon being involved with KM based performance issues or timeout scenarios one of my key areas of focused is based on the AccessStatistic Service and whether or not this is enabled on a customers landscape. Now in short the AccessStatistic Service is a mechanism responsible for recording accessed KM resources in a Portal Landscape environment. The AccessStatistic Service is utilized to track the type of resource accessed, the ID used to access it i.e. (whom the resource was accessed by) and the resources last read access.

Should You be Using AccessStatistic Service?

From a high level perspective the functionality offered by the AccessStatistic Service is indeed beneficial from a logging and performance standpoint. However in true essence in order to conform to best practice standards (performance wise) it is officially recommended that the service itself be "deactivated". This may seem peculiar but I will explain why such a service is recommended NOT to be utilized as standard and put more simply as default. As we know the Portal in itself plays host to a wide variety of application, information and all branches of associated information. Such diversity in the content holstered by the Portal combined with a large end-user base means a simple concept becomes a complex and diverse environment.

Now taking the sample "environment" that we have created into consideration let us add the activation of the KM AccessStatistic Service into the mix.  KM Folders are utilized as the base platform in which KM Documents are stored.  For example through KM End-Users can access, obtain, manage and review data information through documents sourced from the business  intranets, external WWW feeds, and file servers. The KM Documents themselves are presented in the standard formats of PPT, excel, word documents and html. With KM the underlying baseline operation through which the entire setup functions is based on "accessing" information.

If this AccessStatistic Service is activated and setup in your environment you will not see associated information appearing in a dialog box and there will be masses and masses of DB Accesses. Such a setup has resulted in several scenarios in which time outs and poor performance where something all too frequent and familiar.

I have been encountering timeouts, could this be the AccessStatistic Service?

In short from a purely KM standpoint the answer to this question is indeed yes and checking your configuration is the best means of analysis so the AccessStatistic Service can be ruled out or identified as a potential culprit as early as possible.

To reaffirm performance decrements and time-out issues from the perspective of a KM Setup on any occasions share the same primary cause within the KMC and this is the activation of the AccessStatistic service on the KM repositories.

The resolution in such a scenario is this services deactivation within the configuration of the KM repository managers as per:

  • SAP Note 1025290 (restart required after service deactivation).

As outlined in SAP Note 1025290 this repository should be removed from the configuration of all CM repositories where possible.

This should be done by navigating to System Admin -> System Configuration -> Repository Managers -> CM repositories

From here you can access the configuration of each of the CM repositories. These should be opened for editing and the AccessStatistics repository removed from the list of repository services.

  • In the sample image above  you can see that it’s assigned to the /documents repository in this case. By selecting ‘edit’, you can then select/deselect the checkbox next to whichever services you want enable on the repository.

Once the configuration of each of the CM repositories on which this service is currently active has been active have been updated, a system restart will be necessary for the changes to take effect.

AccessStatistic Service - Further Reading

You can find additional information in the documentation outlined below:

KM  - Optimal Performance

Now regarding the KM Setup and the performance issues alongside the KM Folders rooms I've outlined some core reference documentation below for your convenience:

I would also recommend in this case from the perspective of document storage and KM utilization is to make use of the baseline principles and guidance material in the documentation below as this will allow you to create an optimal setup so performance degradation is not a risk and timeouts are no longer encountered: