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Since the advent of computers, engineers have continually sought to enhance human-computer interaction. We progressed from clicking buttons on a keyboard to the point-and-click method with a mouse, to utilizing our sense of touch. Throughout this evolution, we've unlocked more natural forms of interaction.

Apple recently introduced Apple Vision Pro, offering new and immersive ways to interact with digital elements in three dimensions with a user’s eyes, hands, and voice.

Enterprises worldwide are exploring the potential for building new experiences for their employees. Picture yourself taking a deep dive into your data, with charts covering your entire living room to infer insights or envision designing hardware components from multiple angles with agility to achieve unmatched precision.

The SAP BTP SDK for iOS, a part of the SAP Build Code, already accelerates app development for enterprise developers building for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. With the 24.4 release, developers have the same seamless capability while building for Apple Vision Pro. Developers can now build native experiences for their business processes on visionOS by securely interacting with their enterprise data through SAP Mobile Services on SAP BTP, making their essential SAP systems ready for the future.


SAP BTP SDK for iOS Capability Overview

Developers who have previously used SAP BTP SDK for iOS are familiar with its frameworks. Some of these frameworks have now been enhanced to provide fundamental support to developers for building native apps for Apple Vision Pro.

SAPFoundation: Configure the authentication mechanism of the app, securely communicate with SAP and 3rd Party systems over the network, and cache necessary information on the device.

SAPFioriFlows:  Customize the end-user onboarding experience common to most enterprise apps by leveraging the SAP Fiori for iOS design guidelines. For in-app screens, be sure to check out the “Designing for visionOS guide published by Apple.

SAPOData: Create apps on Apple Vision Pro that interact with enterprise OData APIs for apps running in online mode. You can rest assured about your enterprise data being safe as all the on-device data is persisted in a Secure Store.

SAPCommon: Leverage fundamental capabilities used by developers and other frameworks, like logging and error handling.

You can see all of these frameworks at play by using the SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS shipped with the 24.4 release to create a starting application with the code for user-onboarding already in place. For example, you can configure Optic ID for the app passcode right out of the box.






Spatial Apps by SAP

SAP Mobile Start has been available in the App Store for Apple Vision Pro since its launch in February, bringing an enterprise user’s content, tasks and apps to the infinite canvas of Apple Vision Pro. Under the hood, SAP Mobile Start is built using the SAP BTP SDK for iOS, serving as a testament to the kind of experiences developers can now build themselves, too!

SAP Analytics Cloud is also available, allowing SAP Analytics Cloud users to experience their mobile-ready stories on Apple Vision Pro.


Next Steps

Get ready to explore the possibilities of building spatial enterprise applications for Apple Vision Pro with the latest SAP BTP SDK for iOS 24.4 release. Download Xcode 15.2 or later to run the apps built with the SDK on an Apple Vision Pro simulator now!

Stay tuned for more blog posts and tutorials in the SAP Community.


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