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Enrichment Framework in MDG is used for enriching the data with the help of either an internal or external service. Any entity within the MDG data model can be enriched with valid data derived from any service. There is also a seamless integration of the user interfaces from the external service to the MDG change request processes within MDG customizing for the change request process.

The first version of Enrichment Framework was introduced in MDG Ehp5 with a limited scope of enriching the Address information. The address enrichment framework in this release was specific to the address entity in the BP model. However this was capable to interact with any of the Address service providers. The external service had to implement the Webdynpro interface MDG_SDQ_ADDR_CHECK_INTF and also implement the standard address BADI - ADDRESS_CHECK. This interface enables the data transfer between the MDG framework component and the external service.

A full fledge enrichment framework was introduced in Ehp6. This framework can enrich any entity data in the MDG data model.

Some of the objects that have to be created for Enrichment framework to work are:-

Enrichment Spot - Defines enrichment is done on which entity in the MDG data model. The out of the box Address Enrichment spot supports the enrichment of the address entity in customer and supplier.

Enrichment Adapter - Responsible for calling the respective external/internal service and for data transfer. Adapter classes have to implement the interface IF_USMD_ENRICHMENT_ADAPTER

Enrichment_Feeder - Responsible for conversion of data from the MDG to Enrichment adapter format and vice versa. Feeder classes have to implement the interface IF_USMD_ENRICHMENT_FEEDER


Enrichment UI - The framework also provides a Webdynpro component interface MDG_ENRICHMENT_INF which should be implemented by the external service in case their UI's needs to be processed in MDG. At the end of the user interaction there are four actions possible on the data that is enriched they are:-

ENRI: Use the enriched data and complete the interaction

An MDG model can have several enrichment spots defined but each spot should have a feeder class, adapter class and a specific UI component.

The Enrichment spot, Feeder and the adapter are created for every enrichment and are also configured in mdgimg under the data quality and search menu in General settings. The enrichments can also be configured for a change request type step using the Configure properties for change request steps under the Change request in Process modeling.

IGNR: Ignores the current enrichment and perform it again in the next check cycle

ORIG: Discard the enriched data and continue with the data entered on the UI by the user

CNCL: Stops the check cycle and the control goes to the UI.