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This blog describes how one can view different lumira document using full or part mode which includes Bookmark, Story Name and Page Number as well as the prompts currently supported in the product using different variable types via the OpenDocument interface in SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform. The below parameters are supported only for Discovery based documents.


Prompts/Variables Input Parameters:


User should be able to specify the Prompt/Variable values for all prompts currently supported in the product, specifically the below variable types:

  • Multiple Values

Specifies multiple values for a prompt. [Name] is the text of the prompt


  • Single Values

Specifies a values for a single prompt. [Name] is the text of the prompt


  • Range Values

Specifies a range of values for a prompt. [Name] is the text of the prompt

For BW:


For Hana:

http://<servername>:<port>/BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sIDType=CUID&iDocID=AQoRjVb584NPmlQ9cNwYLD4&sRefresh=false &lsSCountry(Start)=Belgium&lsSCountry(End)=Botswana

For UNX:

http://<servername>:<port>/BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sIDType=CUID&iDocID=AQoRjVb584NPmlQ9cNwYLD4&sRefresh=false &lsSCountry=Belgium&lsSCountry(2)=Botswana

  • Index/Key

Specifies Index or Key value. This parameter must be associated with one of the parameter lsS, lsM or lsR


http://<servername>:<port>/BOE/OpenDocument.html?iDocID=AeMYi4ShtTlBhImLjK0k4EU&sRefresh=false&sReportMode=full&lsSCountry Single Value Optional=Argentina&lsICountry Single Value Optional=1


http://<servername>:<port>/BOE/OpenDocument.html?iDocID=AeMYi4ShtTlBhImLjK0k4EU&sRefresh=false&sReportMode=full&lsSCountry Single Value Optional=3302


Note:Index/Key parameters are used for BW documents. User should manually enter Prompts/Variables parameter in the OpenDoc URL, because these parameters will not get generated in the open doc link of Lumira document.



Full and Part mode


  • Full mode:

User should be able to be taken to Story/Page/Bookmark if the parameter is mentioned in the open doc URL, but using full mode options he would be able to navigate to other stories/pages/bookmarks. Save bookmark and set as default for bookmark is enabled in full mode option.

But the document actions should be enabled/disabled depending on document-level rights of the user.

By default once you generate open document link the ReportMode is set as “Full”


  • Part Mode:

User can specify the required parameters in the Open document URL to view only particular Story/Page/Bookmark by setting the option “ReportMode=Part” in the generated Open document Link

    1. If the user provides only the Document as part mode parameter, then user will able to switch between stories, navigate between pages, switch between bookmarks and apply filters.

    2. If user provides only the Document and Story as part mode parameter, then user will not be able to switch between stories, would be able to navigate to pages or switch between bookmarks and apply filters

    3. If user provides only the Document, Story and Page as part mode parameter, then user will not be able to switch between stories or navigate to pages. User can switch between bookmarks and apply filters

    4. If user provides all the parameter in part mode such as Document, Story, Page and Bookmark. User will not be able to switch between bookmarks or stories or navigate between pages, but user can apply filters.


Note: For user using part mode parameter all the Document actions are hidden and Bookmark actions such as set as default and save bookmark are disabled.


                http://<servername>:<port>/BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?                                                sIDType=CUID&iDocID=FmBKA1ctBwcAd2IAAACHkTUAAFBWAUy9&sRefresh=false&sReportMode=part&sStoryName=BestRunCorp%20Analysis&sPageNumber=1&sBookmark=Bookmark1

Support for Bookmarks:


User will be able to share OpenDoc URL for Bookmarks, parameters supplied in the OpenDoc URL are:

  • Bookmark Name

  • Bookmark Type – This is an optional parameter and would be required if we have multiple bookmarks with the same name.



Note: If user provides only bookmark name parameter in OpenDoc URL and the document has multiple bookmarks with same name, then the global bookmark will be opened.


Open Document in New or Same window:


If the User embeds the URL in the Hyperlink and wants to open the document using Open document URL in the same or new window then the below parameter is used.

&swindow=new or &swindow=same