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Hangzhou Tiangu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (eSign)has recently achieved the SAP Certified - Integration with SAP S/4HANA for their solution eSign-OP 1.0 Hangzhou Tiangu Information Technology Co., Ltd. is focusing on internet electronic signature. They are committed to providing customers with legally effective electronic contract life cycle services.In December 2019, Mr.He Yibing participated in the event organized by SAP Partner Adoption Center as part of the one-year celebration called “PAC Inspire. The founder of Hangzhou Tiangu Information Technology Co., Ltd, Mr.Yu Xianyuan shared how eSign help customers in China to become intelligent enterprise by electronic signature and rapidly promoted the electronic signature/electronic contract service to the industry customers served by SAP through the SAP ecosystem in China."In the future, we will further integrate with the ecology of SAP cloud to bring more e-signature services to Chinese enterprises under the ecology of SAP." said Mr.He Yibing, founder and chairman of Hangzhou Tiangu Information Technology Co., Ltd.  “Hangzhou Tiangu Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 and it is one of the earliest company to join the electronic signature in China and the company was developed in 2015 based on the rapid development of the internet. At first, eSign’s customers were government, banks, etc and nowadays more and more companies started to use electronic signature and contract.”On PAC Inspire, we enquired with Mr.He Yibing, if he would like to share his experience and he readily accepted our request. Talking about the B2B market, eSign-OP is also trying to become a platform to provide more services other than a solution provider. Therefore, the 2020 strategy of eSign is focusing on e-contract.

The cooperation of SAP and Hangzhou Tiangu Information Technology Co., Ltd. will provide more opportunities to customers in China, as e-signature and contract are important parts of enterprise management. Also, this integration would be the most important step to achieve collaboration.

Li Peisong, head of SAP Partner Adoption Center, believes that with the promulgation and implementation of the e-signature law in China, more and more enterprises choose to use e-signature as the legal depository of contracts and documents. You can see that SAP customers are increasingly demanding high-frequency use of electronic signatures. SAP will cooperate with Hangzhou Tiangu Information Technology Co., Ltd, a leading partner in the field of electronic signature in China, to provide customers with end-to-end electronic signature solutions.

At the summit, Mr.He Yibing, founder and chairman of Hangzhou Tiangu Information Technology Co., Ltd, met with Pirouz Mani, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Partner Innovation at  SAP The two sides had a detailed understanding of the periodic results of product promotion and cooperation. At the same time, Hangzhou Tiangu Information Technology Co. has also reached further cooperation intention with SAP.

In the future, Hangzhou Tiangu Information Technology Co will speed up in-depth cooperation with SAP PAC, jointly explore digital transformation and change, and help both customers achieve more outstanding development.