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Hi everyone,

If you have implemented an SAP Note with changes to Customizing activities, you might have noticed that the IMG is not updated until you install the next support package due to some technical restrictions.  

In such situations, you have to access the maintenance objects directly, for example, via transaction SM30 for maintenance views. Yet, the documentation would still come in a PDF attached to the SAP Note or would be made available on the SAP Help Portal with the upcoming support package. 

Here we come to share some good news: you can access the documentation of a maintenance object or Customizing activity directly in the system when accessing the activity by its transaction code. 


Having access to the documentation and related object types available via Note Assistant (SNOTE) 

All you need to do is to make sure you have the minimum release and support packages so that you can have access to the additional object types by automatic correction instructions in SNOTE. For more information about the releases and support packages, see SAP Note 3246852. 

Once you have one of the minimum support packages listed in the SAP Note above, when you call the transaction code of an activity, you’ll be able to see the documentation button in the application toolbar, and find out more about the activity. Here's an example: 

Documentation available when you access the transaction code of an activity in the systemDocumentation available when you access the transaction code of an activity in the system


Impacts on translation

Currently, the automatic correction instructions can only include and install the original language of an object, and the translation will be available in the corresponding support package. 

If translation is crucial at this point, make sure to check the long text available when the automatic correction instruction with such objects is released, so you can find more information about the options for translation.  


Thanks for reading! We hope this update helps you to find more information when needed. 

Got any questions or feedback? Please leave a comment below.  


See you next time,

Ailane Kuhn

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