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In the SAP GUI there was a functionality in Change Request Management, in the Urgent Correction (Transaction Type SDHF), called 'Distribute Urgent Correction'. This functionality had to be customized to be activated, described in SAP note 999944.

With this functionality it was possible to distribute an existing urgent correction to another productive system in the logical component.

In detail, it was possible for a successfully tested Urgent Correction via the action button to trigger a PPF action which brought up a pop up where the user could choose the other productive system. Then a new Urgent Correction (the Distributed) was created which referred to the same transport(s) as the original Urgent Correction (the Distributor).

There were two ChaRM consistency checks as well, one called DISTRIBUTOR brought up a message which notified the user that the user worked on a distributor urgent correction and one called FATHER_IS_PRODUCTIVE which checks if the distributor urgent correction is already productive and in case this is not the case, resets the user status of the distributing urgent correction (in the proposed standard customizing).

All this is described in the note.

So, what is new or again possible in Support Package 8 of Solution Manager 7.10 ?

Again, we provide this functionality, know in the Urgent Change (Transaction Type SMHF). It is possible in the Urgent Change stand-alone scenario (Urgent Change not created from the Request of Change) or in the normal scenario (Urgent Change created from an Request of Change).

Process Maps

Here is an overview of the process in the stand-alone scenario.

For customizing reasons the more complex overview of the process with the Change Request Management Actions & Conditions is interesting:

This overview shows you the normal scenario with the Request for Change:

And last but not least, the process with customized Change Request Management actions and conditions. There is actually nothing additionally to customze, this is just for the overview:

How to activate it in SAP Standard.

The functionality is not active per default. It's delivered as an inactive PPF action SMHF_DISTRIBUTE. Go to the PPF action customizing and set the PPF action active in action profile SMHF_ACTIONS. Then it should be possible in user status 'Tested Successfully' to choose action 'Distribute Urgent Change'

After saving, a dialog window should come up with the relevant selectable productive systems listed.

If you choose a another system the system generates a further (distributed) urgent change which has the iBase of the productive system chosen.

The distributed Urgent Change is linked to the Distributor Urgent Change in the Related Documents assignement block.

How to get it in the customer namespace:

New customers starting with Change Request Management just copy the SMHF transaction type to customer namespace via Solman Setup.

Customers already using a customer Urgent Change have to customized the functionality anew. I refer to the online documenatation which describes how to do that.

Parts are the PPF action & condition, the ChaRM consistency checks, copy control from urgent change to urgent change and the dialog window framework registration.

Detail Features:

If you create additional transport requests in the distributed Urgent Change, they are not taken into account in the Distributor Urgent Change.

If you go back to 'In Development' with the Distributor Urgent Change and then create additional transport requests, these are synchronized with the distributed Urgent Change.

So, the Distributor and distributed Urgent Change transport the same transport into different productive systems.

Functional Limits:

At this time, it is not possible to change the project assignment of an urgent change who is a distributor or distributed urgent change.