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This first blog post of mine will briefly describe how one can view just one report part (chart, table, free-cell, etc.) of a WebI document in a custom web app via the openDocument interface of a SBOP BI 4.0 platform. This functionality is quite similar to the possibility to view those report parts in BI Workspaces and may help anyone who ever wanted to display parts of WebI documents without the toolbars and additional analytical functionality.

The URL to be used is the following:

http://[servername]:[port]/BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sIDType=CUID&iDocID=[CUID of WebI doc]&mode=part&sReportPart=[Reference to the report part to be shown]

The parts of the URL in squared brackets are to be replaced like this:

[servername]:[port] is the name and TCP-port, where your web (app) server is hosted, that has the BO Webmodules deployed (In a standard BO install it is the servername:8080)

[CUID] is the unique identifier of the WebI Document from which the part should be displayed. It can be found in the properties of the object in the CMC/Launchpad.

[Reference to the report part to be shown] is the internal reference to the part that should be shown in a format like UIREF:RID=1:BID=17 whereas RID seems to be the IDof the reports inside the WebI Doc and BID the block-ID of the report parts. To get these identifiers one can utilize the "ReportStructure Monitor" in debug-mode in the WebI Editor (hold left shift key down and move mouse pointer to lower left corner). Here shown from the sample report "Formatting Sample":



So the final URL on my test-system looks like:


and shows the following output (after logging in to the BI platform or with an existing session of course):

Although this functionality is not documented it was tested to be working at least in BI 4.0 SP4 standard-install.