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Wouldn’t it be great if your business analysts could find, access, and analyze data, then report on it using sophisticated, visually compelling charts and graphs – without the involvement of IT? What if employees could view information in multiple ways, selecting the measures, dimensions, filters, and visual formatting that best support insight? If your organization is ready for a smart, self-service tool to navigate and explore data, then SAP has a solution designed for you.

SAP® Visual Intelligence™, the latest member the SAP BusinessObjects™ Explorer family, is a desktop-based visualization and data manipulation solution. With it, both novice and expert users can acquire information from a variety of corporate and personal data sources, then manipulate it without any scripting or IT help. Intuitive interfaces make it easy to analyze and visualize data for rapid insight. And the resulting visualizations are easy to share across the business.

From powerful data discovery to beautiful visual analytics, SAP Visual Intelligence is about bringing life to your data, finding the information that drives better decisions – and doing it all in the business moment, without IT involvement.

With SAP Visual Intelligence, you can:

  • Consume data intuitively through a fast, interactive visual interface
  • Connect to, access, and visualize data without writing a single line of code
  • Get real-time insight into any volume of data
  • View the big picture, then drill down to the details
  • Instantly share your findings

DIY for Analysts

SAP Visual Intelligence lets the user decide the best content and format for each analytic presentation. Use up-to-the-minute HR, sales, supply chain, or finance data from local or remote sources. Choose traditional pie, bar, or line charts – or radar charts, waterfalls, box plots, and tag clouds. If location is important, choose a geographic heat, bubble, or pie map. Tell your story clearly and convincingly with color, ratios, dimensions, and filters.

And the benefits go beyond the user. The solution’s DIY capabilities free up IT resources, reducing bottlenecks. Analysts, meanwhile, get faster, easier point-and-click data access.

Harnessing Big Data

Need to analyze millions or billions of data points? No problem. Use SAP Visual Intelligence with SAP HANA to navigate any amount of data to find real-time answers. Connect directly to huge volumes of SAP HANA data, enriching analytics with geographic and statistical information.

Sharing is Key

SAP Visual Intelligence makes it easy to work locally, then share your results across the organization. The resulting connectivity builds and reinforces collaboration while reducing the likelihood of duplicate or conflicting analyses.

Learn More
SAP Visual Intelligence can connect directly to your SAP HANA sources, immediately turbocharging your data discovery and analysis. Give your business users the tools they need to access, transform, and visualize critical data without IT support.

To learn more about creating beautiful and compelling visualizations, watch the SAP Visual Intelligence product tour video, or visit us online today. What specific business analysis would you like to be able to visualize?