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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
You may already have heard about the SAP Business Technology Platform - short SAP BTP - and you may already have read some blogs on SAP BTP. So what is so special about this blog and why should you read it?

  • I am not going to go into marketing details.

  • I will explain the very basics because I assume you are new to SAP BTP.

  • I will provide a starting point where to learn more about the SAP BTP.

What are the services on SAP BTP?

As I always say to customers in my trainings, SAP BTP is a "melting pot" of many, many different services. Some of those services should be used for innovation and application development, some services are purely for monitoring, some are databases as a service, and some are runtimes as a service. So, yes, everything on SAP BTP is a service. And the platform gives you access to it. However, the services are hosted not on the platform itself, but in a data center of a cloud provider, like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or GCP. These are called hyperscalers. SAP has its own data center as well and also hosts some services.

You ask yourself: "Where can I find information on those services?". The answer is: SAP Discovery Center. To use those services, you have to sign a contract with SAP and choose a commercial model; e.g. a subscription, CPEA, or pay-as-you-go. Based on this, your usage of the services is billed accordingly.

However, there is more! In addition to the services that you find in the discovery center there are also stand-alone cloud products that SAP offers its customers, e.g. SAP Cloud ALM, SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance, just to name a few. Those products are also services that run on SAP BTP, however, you won't find them in the SAP Discovery Center. Because they require a separate contract and a separate license.

What is the common feature between those services?

As described above, all services are hosted in a data center of the hyperscalers or SAP. SAP BTP provides an access to these services. And this is possible via the SAP BTP cockpit!

What do you access via the SAP BTP cockpit?

You access a, so called, global account. This is what represents a contract between you and SAP. So basically, you access an account where services are available based on your contractual agreement. And here comes the epiphany: If you buy a stand-alone product with a separate contract, you access the global account via the cockpit. There you can find the service. And most probably, business users won't even work in the cockpit. They will get a link to, e.g. SAP Fiori Launchpad or other dashboard, to use the product. However, an administrator will have to enable this usage and provide the link via the SAP BTP cockpit.

And if you sign - let me call it a "general" SAP BTP contract - because you want to use SAP Business Application Studio (to be found in the Discovery Center), you will be able to work with all of the services from the SAP Discovery Center within one global account, depending on your chosen commercial model.

Want to learn more?

I could continue this blog forever trying to explain you the basic concepts and capabilities of SAP BTP. But I don't want you to read forever. I recommend you to do a self-paced online training instead. There is a free and interactive learning Discover SAP Business Technology Platform that explains all basic concepts of SAP BTP, such as SAP BTP cockpit structure, user and identity management, service activation and entitlement configuration, application development, and many more.


On the SAP Learning site you will find even more free online trainings on different cloud products. Check it out!