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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear All,

Feature is available first time in a Lowcode Nocode world to rollback any changes.

What is a Rollback in terms of Appgyver ?

When you perform a rollback, whatever you have made to a new change is going back to the previous change version (In other words - Undo) .

When Should You Perform a Rollback? Two Common Use Cases

Rollback Use Case 1: Your New change has a Limitation/Bug/Performance Issues

Rollback Use Case 2: Your New change affects end user to perform an action

Appgyver maintains Version management

AppGyver’s own version management system. It shows which page is changed and can rollback to the version. Version list can be accessed by the history button.

 📣Rollback feature can now roll back up to last 50 saves

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