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Developer Advocate
Here's a summary of what went on in week 1 of Devtoberfest 2021, and what to look forward to in week 2.

Week 1 of Devtoberfest 2021 - the "Welcome to Devtoberfest" week - is already almost done and dusted, phew!

Devtoberfest Launch Party

We kicked it off in style, with a fun live "Devtoberfest Launch Party" event. It was hosted by our fearless (and ultimately permanently relaxed) head of Developer and Community Relations thomas.grassl, and starred a special guest, none other than SAP Executive Board Member and CTO juergen.mueller.

We had some great interaction and chat during the live broadcast on YouTube, thank you everyone for that - it makes things more special.

Note that live streams on YouTube are the backbone for Devtoberfest - if you look through the events across the different weeks you'll see that very many of them will be in the form of live streams on YouTube - on the SAP Developers channel. Now would be a good time to subscribe if you haven't done already, so you can set reminders for upcoming sessions.

An Overview of Upcoming Weeks and the Contest

After the slot with Juergen, the Developer Advocates joined and talked about the different upcoming weeks. We also briefly covered the contest and how points can be earned; if you want to read more on this, check out the details on the home of Devtoberfest - our GitHub repo: If you have any questions, let us know by creating an issue in the repo.

Information about Devtoberfest Gaming Night

We also mentioned the Devtoberfest Gaming Night, for which we have set up a Discord server - the main purpose of which is for us to coordinate who wants to play what with whom and where.

There's an invite link to the Discord server over on the Devtoberfest repo, and it's here too:

Computer History Museum Tour

To finish off this current week 1, we have a fabulous live tour of the “Revolution” Exhibition at the Computer History Museum, led by Dag Spicer, Senior Curator. If you're reading this post shortly after it's been published - you are in luck! The tour starts at 16:00 CEST / 19:30 IST / 10:00 EDT TODAY (Friday 08 October):

Upcoming: Week 2 - Best Practices

Next week (11 - 15 October) is Devtoberfest week 2.

The theme of this week is Best Practices, where you can learn how you can level up in the technical areas that you work in every day. In this week we have:

  • presentations from awesome presenters david.kunz2 and andre.fischer on YouTube in live streams that you can join, watch, and chat with the other attendees

  • challenge for you to complete and earn points (I'll be doing a presentation before this challenge that relates to it, too)

  • a series of tutorials for you to complete and earn points

  • special guest interview with RedMonk's James Governor, on Best Practices in the Cloud Native era

Check out the Best Practices week page in the repo for all the details.

We're really looking forward to seeing you next week. Happy Devtoberfest!

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