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This blog provides an introduction to SHINE for SAP HANA Extended Application Services Advanced Model (SHINE for XSA), how to use it, where to find its code, documentation and how to learn more about it

What is SHINE?

SAP HANA INteractive Education is a demo content/reference for native SAP HANA application development. It has been released with each and every SP of HANA ever since SAP HANA SPS7. To read more about SHINE and its history refer to blog by prasad.illapani. With every SP of HANA SHINE keeps growing as we keep adding more and more features into SHINE for the benefit of SAP HANA developer.

What is SHINE for XSA

SAP HANA SPS11 was really a milestone in the history of HANA this brought about the evolution of SAP HANA XS called as SAP HANA XS Advanced. Release of SAP HANA XS Advanced brought about the need for a demo content/reference for the same. So with SAP HANA SPS11 release we released a re- architected version of SHINE called as SHINE for XSA. The data model of SHINE for XSA remains the same as SHINE just the business logic implementation has changed. The application has been broken down into microservices . This does not mean that the old SHINE is going anywhere. It will continue to be released for some more time and the older version of SHINE will now be called as SHINE for SAP HANA XS classic(SHINE for XSC). The architecture of the new SHINE for XSA looks as below

How to use SHINE for XSA

SHINE for XSA would be a good starting point if you wish to learn how to develop applications on SAP HANA XS Advanced model. The code for SHINE for XS Advanced released with HANA SPS 12 can be found in github. If you have the new SAP HANA Web IDE for SAP HANA SPS12, you can import SHINE on to your Web IDE and play around with the code. SHINE for XS Advanced also comes with standard documentation which can be found here

The application is developed using a mix of nodejs and SAP HANA XS JavaScript (xsjs). Parts of xsjs code from SHINE XSC have been reused and some parts have been rewritten in nodejs to leverage the non-blocking io and other capabilities of nodejs.

SHINE Open SAP Course

If you are new to SHINE we have a 1 week exclusive Open SAP Course on SHINE Reference for Native SAP HANA Application Development starting Oct 5th. This Open SAP course will cover SHINE for XSC and SHINE for XS Advanced. The topics covered in Open SAP Course are

Unit 1: Introduction to SHINE

Unit 2: Setup and Demo

Unit 3: Deep Dive on Features

Unit 4: Unit Tests

Unit 5: Introduction to SHINE for SAP HANA XS Advanced Model

More on SAP HANA Extended Application Services Advanced Model

To read more about SAP HANA Extended Application services Advanced Model read the blogs by thomas.jung

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