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Meet Gerry. He feels fat and lousy, a bit depressed by the daily routine he is captured in.

He knows he has to change something. Gerry has a receipt from a dietologist, he doesn’t need to lose lots of weight in a short period of time, but he needs to know what exactly is included in his meals. In this way he can choose what to eat more carefully and what are the nutrients included.

Gerry desperately looks for the right solution. Is it an application, is it a mobile one? He searches and he searches.

All he comes along are applications that enable tracking the food he eats, but he either can’t create new recipes, or it’s very difficult to do that due to differences in measurement units. Or if such applications are user-friendly, they are not free.

The measurement units depend on the product condition. And, it is hard to calculate the nutrients of a single portion of a meal.

And there Gerry opens the SCN and finds it: the Food Calculator Application! Food Calculator is а web application that can be used to calculate the nutrition report of a recipe. The idea of the application is to inform consumers what are nutrients (calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and so on) for a recipe. These nutrients depend on the basic products that the recipe contains.

Gerry starts passionately reading the rest of the blog, following every step, installing the application locally and taking advantage of its functionality! Here you have it as well: "Food Calculator application is..."

Joking aside, the Food Calculator Application is a real application that includes components such as SAP Cloud Identity service, persistence service, connectivity service, REST services, and SAPUI5. It runs on SAP HANA Cloud Platform using Java Web Tomcat 7 server.

You are all free to try it out and give us your feedback. And if you are in a similar situation as Gerry, we'll be more than happy if this application really helps you.

This project is implemented together with svilen.komitov.