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In the recent release, the add-in has introduced a new functionality to apply designer or viewer rights in workbooks. While the designer can still access the full set of features, the viewer user has limited options to change report layouts (e.g., can not add/remove dimensions, filtering only possiblle on specified dimensions etc.).
Those rights are derived from a permission that has been recently introduced to SAP Analytics Cloud. This permission is called “Add-in Workbook”.

New permission for SAC add-in

While the new permission should have appropriate rights in the standard content roles (i.e., viewer and BI content viewer only have read rights, while all other admin, modeler or planner reporter roles have full rights) , in most custom roles, however, this permission could have no rights per default (as shown in the screenshot). This means that users with these roles are not able to work in add-in workbooks anymore.
So it is important that this permission needs to be adjusted by the administrator. You need at least read right for working as viewer in the add-in. A designer needs at least update rights.

Note that this new permission is NOT available in Datasphere-only Tenants. The new design/view feature is deactivated for Datasphere-only customers for the time being. However, we will activate the permission in Datasphere as soon as possible and inform you about this on time.