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I have learned useful tip about how to deploy a web application to SAP Cloud Platform(Cloud Foundry ) from Vicky's blog How to deploy UI5 application on SAP Cloud Platform(CloudFoundry). Now I can apply this tip to my daily work: I have a BSP application which runs on my on Premise ABAP system which displays Business document statistic ( see my blog Step by step to use jChartFX in BSP application ).

And now I can make small adaptation to this BSP application, and deploy it on SAP Cloud Platform where it could still access the service exposed by the ABAP on Premise system. The ABAP system I am using is a CRM system.

The output of the web application running on SAP Cloud Platform:

Here below is the detail step.

1. download the source code from here into your local folder.
Make changes on file webapp\OneOrderHCP.html. Fill in the host name and port number for your own on Premise ABAP system accordingly.

2. As could be found from the line 20 in above screenshot, this web application consumes the resource exposed by SICF service zcount in ABAP system, so create it via tcode SICF there, via the path sap/crm.

Create a new handler class ZCL_CRM_ONE_ORDER_COUNT to this zcount now. Source code of this ABAP class could be found here.

Activate the created service.

3. use cf push to deploy the local application to Cloud Foundry@SAP Cloud Platform.

Launch the application running on SAP Cloud Platform and you can observe the request sent to on Premise system: