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Hello! Following up the previous blog post about building a SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0 bot with Cloud Studio to execute a transaction in the ERP, in this short blog post I'll show you how easy it is to deploy your bot into your environment (in this case I used a test environment) and the options you can set up to trigger your bot.

Go to your Project's Cloud Studio instance, click on the home icon and then click on Generate Package.

In my case I've already deployed some versions before, but for you it should be filled automatically with the 1.0.0 version. Click again on Generate Package.

Now, go back to your Environment set up in your Cloud Factory

in the Overview tab, click on Add Package and select the one you just deployed.

Click on next until the package is deployed.

Now you can set up a Trigger.

Select the Packaged deployed and set up a trigger. There is 3 ways you can trigger your bot:

  1. Attended (every time you want to manually trigger the bot)

  2. Unattended (means you are going to schedule the bot, so it executes by itself)

  3. Through an API call, in case you only want the bot to execute when some other event happens in an external application.

For testing purposes I set up an unattended/scheduled bot, but here you can be more creative by connecting it with other applications to execute any other transaction you may require.

I hope you’d enjoyed this exercise 🙂
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