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last changed: 30th of November 2023

while a lot of People think that nearline storage (NLS) for SAP BW/4 and information lifecycle management (ILM) for S/4 is not used by SAP customer, you punish him with the lie. Of course the usage is also possible with SAP BW and ERP as well, and the SAP IQ Roadmap is save for the next decade.

To bring more light into the NLS/DTO/ILM configuration, this Blog explains some of the most repetitive error messages and most importantly their root causes.

Three Things to know:

Unfortunally, when the child has fallen into the well, then good advice is expensive. For this topic the Document - SAP First Guidance – SAP NLS Solution with SAP IQ 16.x is the first line of defense, as it contains the complete e2e case described in detail and continuously updated since 2013. However, it still looks like that you can nail the Document to the gate of the Cologne Dom, and there would be still hardliners saying: "but my case is different". Hell, it is not as all errors can be reduced to the proper configuration.

despite it is Teched or not - the Cat is also curious


common Error Messages

here some of the most current and repetitive Error Message which occur, when you start the Process the first time in the SAP ABAP Backend (despite which release/OS/DB/etc.)

Three Kind of Error Message could rise:

Blog - SAP BW- Near Line Storage (NLS) Issues & Solutions
ADBC error 'Internal error 16 has occurred' (refers to old/missing ODBC libraries, Notes 2516116, 2844842
Allocation failed. Dbspace IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP is OUT OF SPACE (refers to SAP Note 2982226, IQ Temp Space)
internal error: Cannot get remote source objects: (refers to incorrect IQ remote source, Notes 1989436 and 3196447)
internal error: Remote execution error [Sybase][ODBC Driver][Sybase IQ]
internal error: Error executing query [SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]
invalid remote object name: Cannot retrieve why the ODBC API has failed: line 0 col 0 (at pos 0) (refers to HANA ODBC/SDA Driver mismatch and old HANA Studio, Notes 2184030, 2352696)
Invalid data type comparison in predicate (refers to Note 2601496)
DBCO_CONNECTION_NO_METADATA (refers to DB lock/timeout within the ODBC connection, Notes 1983389, 3017355)
ERROR => Codepage mismatch between executable (UNICODE) and DBSL shared library (ASCII refers to Notes 1820534, 3210816 only UC supported for ASE/IQ LibDBSL)
[IQ Error SQL-85:08S01][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Communication error (refers to timeout => IQ Setup, Notes 2578523, 2767466, 3017355)
[IQ Error SQL-100:08001][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Database server not found (IQ ServerName/SYBASE_IQ_ENGINE missing, refers to SAP Note 3136413)
[IQ Error SQL-121:42000][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Permission denied: you do not have required privilege to create table "udatest" (refers to Notes 1989436, 2372218, create table/index with user DBA)
[IQ Error SQL-131:42000][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Syntax error near '999' on line 1 (refers to IQ Setup Notes 2754330, 2785785, 3017355)
[IQ Error SQL-131:42000][Sybase IQ]Syntax error near '(end of line)' on line 1 (refers to wrong/missing DB user space - Notes 1959690 and 2297484)
[IQ Error SQL-141:42S02][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Table 'part_ ' missing (refers to Notes 2190504, 3009988)
[IQ Error SQL-141:42S02][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Table '/BI0/ONTCT_C01' not found (run RSDG_ADSO_ACTIVATE and recreate DAP Notes 2698039, 2910697)
[IQ Error SQL-143:42S22][Sybase IQ]Column 'RECORDMODE' not found (refers to SAP Note 2996682)
[IQ Error SQL-143:42S22][Sybase IQ]Column 'ARCHREQUID_SID' not found (refers to SAP Note 2562256)
[IQ Error SQL-157:07006][Sybase IQ]Cannot convert to a Unknown TypeID (refers to outdated LibDBSL, Note 2481656)
[IQ Error SQL-210:40001][Sybase IQ]User 'another user' has the row locked (refers to multiple writes Notes 2524688, 2886870)
[IQ Error SQL-308:08S01][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Connection was terminated (refers to timeout => IQ Setup, Note 3017355)
[IQ Error SQL-308:HY000][Sybase IQ]Connection was terminated (refers to IQ TEMP and BACKUP issues)
[IQ Error SQL-308:HY000][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Connection was terminated (refers to message above)
[IQ Error SQL-308:HY000][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Connection was terminated [dbds 505] (refers to Note 3298954)
[IQ Error SQL-308:HY000][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Connection was terminated Function COMMIT failed (refers to Note 2977213)
[IQ Error SQL-771:HY000][Sybase IQ]Event 'BACKUP_REQUEST' not found (refers to Note 2741824)
[IQ Error SQL-771:HY000][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Event 'BACKUP_REQUEST' not found
[IQ Error SQL-853:24000][Sybase IQ]Cursor not in a valid state (refers to SAP Note 2982226)
[IQ Error SQL-1068:42S02][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Default dbspace '<USER DB SPACE>' not found (missing DB space after IQ copy, refer to Notes 2634028, 2634024)
[IQ Error SQL-1084:HY000][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Use of feature 'DBSPACE' is not allowed (refers to wrong SSL/TLS IQ Setup)
[IQ Error SQL-1285:HY000][Sybase IQ] You have run out of space in "DB user space" (refers to 2297484, DB space)
[IQ Error SQL-1090:08004][Sybase IQ]Function 'substr' has invalid parameter '3' ('-1') (refers to IQ Setup Notes 2287018, 3094594, 3017355)
[IQ Error SQL-1000121:HY000][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]binary data not supported odata longer than 32767 Bind host variable (ILM - refers to SAP Note 2806115)
[IQ Error SQL-1000304:HY000][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ] Cannot drop a partition key column. (refers to Note 2190504 during BW/4 Conversion of NLS Objects)
[IQ Error SQL-1003007:HY000][Sybase IQ]Large Objects Management functionality is not license (Notes 1985209, 2183758, 2439006)
[IQ Error SQL-1009149:HY000][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]BArray page header mismatch Internal (refers to IQ binary error, Notes 2709384 and 3006048)
[IQ Error SQL-1006042:HY000][Sybase IQ] All available virtual memory has been used; allocation cancelled => (refers to wrong IQ memory allocation, Notes 2464164, 3017355)
[IQ Error SQL99987]ERROR: could not start iq load. (refers to Notes 2933420, 3200088 missing space/SYBASE_IQ_LOAD_DIR in DBCO string)
[IQ Error SQL99988]ERROR: Driver SAP IQ is unsupported for connections to Sybase IQ
[IQ Error SQL99999]decimal overflow has occured (New, refers to Note 3217479)
[SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]User ID 'SAPNLS' does not exist (missing/wrong IQ User - refers to Note 2344235)
[SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Not enough server threads available for this query (refers to Note 3017355)
SAP DBTech JDBC: [258]: insufficient privilege (refers to Note 3119008, permission of SAP<SID> user)
SAP DBTech JDBC: [403]: (refers to SDA/ODBC connection issues)
SAP DBTech JDBC: [403]: internal error:Cannot get remote source objects (mostly after Systemcopy, same as above)
SQLCode = -121: Permission denied: you don't have the permission to create objects in dbspace IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN (refers to DB Option Enable_LOB_Variables)
Savepoint 'current' not found for query "RELEASE SAVEPOINT" (refers to Note 2998815)
unexpected return code 8192 calling DBDS (refers to missing IQ Network Client, Note 3119008)

# error messages in conjunction with SSL/TLS

Encryption error: The FIPS library ( cannot be found in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
[SAP][ODBC Driver Manager] Unable to load driver
[SAP][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Unable to connect: The server did not accept the requested encryption type
[SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Connection error: Connection was dropped (may not be an SAP IQ server) SQLCODE=-832 SQLSTATE=08001
[IQ Error SQL-832:08001][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Connection error: TLS handshake failed [dbds 1138]
[IQ Error SQL-895:08001][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Encryption error: Unable to open certificate file '/usr/sap/B4H/SYS/global/hostname_SQ1_11.crt'
[IQ Error SQL-895:08001][SQL Anywhere]Encryption error: Unrecognized encryption option 'skip_certificate_name_check'
[IQ Error SQL-1145:08001][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Unable to connect: The server did not accept the requested encryption type

DBSL Dev: the option 'skip_certificate_name_check=yes' is automatically added in the DBCO connection string when DBSL finds

CL_RSDA_ADSO_ARCHIVING_REQUESTCM01U (refers to IQ performance settings, Note 2371160)
CL_RSDA_ADSO_ARCHIVING_REQUESTCM01Q (refers to IQ backup problems, Note 2741824 and RSDANLCON settings)
CL_RSDA_ADSO_CURSOR===========CM003 (refers to Note 3075223, NLS Archiving limit)
CL_RSDA_ADSO_DTO_PROCESS_INV==CM004 (refers to Note 3076162, enable load striping for DTO)
CL_RSDA_ADSO_RESTORE_REQUEST==CM00V (refers to SAP Note 2996682, BW System Inconcisteny)
CL_RSDA_ARCHIVING_REQUEST=====CM017 (refers to IQ backup, Notes 2741824, 3244231)
CL_RSDA_ADV_NEARLINE_WRITER===CM004 (refers to NLS DAP parallelization and Note 3265867)
CL_RSDA_ADV_NEARLINE_WRITER===CM006 (refers to SAP Note 2996682, Column 'RECORDMODE' missing)
CL_RSDA_DAP_A=================CM02A (refers to RSDAP activation/prod. usage)
CL_RSDA_DAP_A=================CM029 (refers to SAP Note 2562256, Column 'ARCHREQUID_SID' not found)
CL_RSDA_INFOPROV_WRITER_CUBE==CM003 (refers to MasterData inconcistencies, Note 2866852, IQ TEMP space)
CL_RSDA_INFOPROV_WRITER_CUBE==CM003 (refers to Note 3214341, improved error logging upon archiving reload)
CL_RSDA_INFOPROV_WRITER_CUBE==CP (refers to IQ timeout due to inconcistencies, Note 2289880)
CL_RSDA_INFOPROV_WRITER_ODSO==CM001 (refers to locked entries, Notes 2698039, 3040267)
CL_RSDA_INFOPROV_WRITER_ODSO==CM003 (refers to duplicate entries, Note 2400729)
CL_RSDA_NEARLINE_CONNECTION===CP (refers to missing NLS connection)
CL_RSDA_NEARLINE_OBJECT=======CM00Q (refers to IQ lock mode problems after copy)
CL_RSDA_NEARLINE_OBJECT=======CM01B (refers to IQ configuration problems, Note 3017355)
CL_RSDA_NEARLINE_OBJECT=======CM00T (refers to SDA setup problems, Note 3119008)
CL_RSDA_NEARLINE_REQUEST======CM004 (refers to missing IQ Backup event, Note 2741824)
CL_RSDA_NEARLINE_REQUEST======CM006 (refers to IQ copy problems, Notes 2344235 and 3085053)
CL_RSDA_NEARLINE_SEGMENT======CCIMP (refers to SAP Note 2982226, IQ Temp Space)
CL_RSDA_NEARLINE_WRITER=======CM002 (refers to NLS configuration RSDANLCON and Note 2307267)
CL_RSDA_NEARLINE_WRITER=======CM004 (refers to NLS DAP and request size, Note 3075223)
CL_RSDA_RESTORE_REQUEST=======CM00A (refers to locked entries, Notes 2698039, 3040267)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CONNECTION_IMPL===CP (refers to missing IQ ODBC drivers and IQ backup, Note 3119008)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CONNECTION_IMPL===CM006 (refers to wrong setup of RSDANLCON, "is Default Con" not ticked)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CONNECTION_IMPL===CM00C (refers to IQ Options Notes 2131245, 2482264, 3017355)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CONNECTION_IMPL===CM00E (refers to IQ configuration/concisteny problems, Note 3017355)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CONNECTION_IMPL===CM00K (refers to SAP Note 3119008, wrong SDA/ODBC con.)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CONNECTION_IMPL===CM00L (refers to SAP Note 3119008, wrong IQ Client SW)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CONNECTION_IMPL===CM00X (refers to Note 2191066, missing backup)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CONNECTION_IMPL===CM01J (refers to IQ License LOB/VLDBMGMT Notes 2372218, 2628620)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CONNECTION_IMPL===CM01T (refers to DAP inconcistency, update Report RSDG_ADSO_ACTIVATE)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CONNECTION_IMPL===CM02B (refers to HANA perm. and ODBC driver, Notes 2352696, 3106440)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CONNECTION_IMPL===CM02K (refers to missing IQ Backup setup, see below)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CONNECTION_IMPL===CM02U (refers to missing IQ Backup, Notes 2658428, 2741824, 3017355)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CURSOR============CM002 (refers to SAP Note 2996682, BW System Incconcisteny)
CL_RSDA_SYB_CURSOR============CM004 (refers to SAP Note 3217479, BW System Incconcisteny)
CL_RSDA_SYB_WRITER_STRIPED====CM002 (refers to Notes 2307267, 2902060 NLS load stripping mismatch)
CL_RSDA_SYB_WRITER_TSN_STRIPEDCM002 (refers to Notes 2307267, 2902060 NLS load stripping mismatch)
CL_RSDA_SYB_WRITER_TSN========CM002 (refers to Notes 2464164, 3017355 IQ memory configuration)
CL_RSDA_SYB_WRITER_TSN========CP (refers to the last three messages above)
CL_RSSDA_FEDERATION_SERVICES==CM004 (refers to HANA priv. and no spc on device, Notes 1989436/2902060)
CL_RSSDA_FEDERATION_SERVICES==CM00H (refers to HANA virtual Index creation, Note 2790789)
CL_RSSDA_FEDERATION_SERVICES==CM00O (refers to System/Migration issues, Note 2953944)
CL_RSSDA_FEDERATION_SERVICES==CM011 (new, refers to BW/4 2021 during RSDANLCON setup)
CL_RSSDA_REMOTE_SOURCE========CM009 (new, refers to BW/4 2021 missing HANA remote source temporary)
CL_RSDRS_SQL_QUERY============CM01C (refers to InfoCube/aDSO Model Complexity, Note 2720236)
CL_SQL_RESULT_SET=============CM006 (refers to ABAP bottleneck and straggler, Notes 2509498, 3056306, 3206592)
CL_SQL_STATEMENT==============CM002 (refers to IQ configuration problems, Note 3017355)
CL_SQL_STATEMENT==============CM004 (refers to general problems, i.e. timout, large result set, etc.)
CL_SQL_STATEMENT==============CM008 (refers to Note 2482264, space problem)


the Solution for all of this ...

to make a log story short, with the following SAP Notes 99% Percent of all "individual Problems" are solved.

Note 2741824 - How to setup backup automation for SAP IQ Cold Store/Near-line Storage
Note 2780668 - SAP First Guidance – BW NLS Implementation with SAP IQ
Note 3218186 - Error: Create new (IQ) database from utility database fails
Note 3017355 - SAP IQ 16.1 SP04 PLx – correct SAPIQDB.cfg settings
Note 3094594 - Enable SAP IQ for DBACOCKPIT
Note 3085053 - Landscape Considerations for NLS and ILM
Note 3119008 - Configure SAP IQ and HANA for SDA/ODBC
Note 3196447 - troubleshooting an existing SAP IQ 16.x Implementation for NLS/DTO and ILM

to easy for you? I'm afraid to say, it is quite straight forward.

of course you should check your Software Level as well to ensure that you are up-to date with the SAP Corrections - Access Expert Search

Version SP-Level Current SP (06/2023) Support
SAP BW 7.40 26 SAPKW74026 until End of 2020
SAP BW 7.50 27 SAPK-75022INSAPBW until End of 2027
SAP BW/4 1.0 20 SAPK-10020INDW4CORE until End of 2021
SAP BW/4 2.0 15 SAPK-20010INDW4CORE until End of 2024
SAP BW/4 2021 6 SAPK-30001INDW4CORE commitment until 2040
Components Category
BW-WHM-DST-ARC BW/4 only BW4-DM-DTO Program Error
BW-SYS-DB-IQ optional BW-WHM-DST-DTP Search Term
BC-SYB-IQ optional BW-WHM-DBA-ADSO archive, near-line, IQ

Note 2181757 - Activation of DAP dumps with CX_SY_DYN_CALL_ILLEGAL_FORM / SDB2FDBS
Note 2190504 - BW NLS IQ: New dbspace-oriented partitioning mode
Note 2191066 - You must do a full backup before doing an incremental backup - SAP IQ
Note 2213725 - How-To: Troubleshooting of -10709 errors
Note 2344235 - Consulting: Handling Data Archiving Processes during system copies
Note 2482264 - Error write iq data file failed: only X out of Y bytes written occur during BW archiv...
Note 2634028 - How to & Where to BackUp IQ database -SAP IQ
Note 2800016 - BW HCPR - Collective Note for Problems with Queries on HANA CP
Note 2902060 - Why the temp files created by DBSL to handle data loads from DTO into IQ are excessiv...
Note 3075223 - NLS Archiving limit by number of records
Note 3076162 - Load DTO data package wise into IQ ( hot -> cold with load striping )
Note 3081905 - Overlap between deletion criteria and archiving criteria
Note 3092501 - RSDA_SYB_PARTITION_MONITOR short dump
Note 3097868 - DAP transport fails in IQ
Note 3102238 - RSDA_SYB_SE16 - wrong HDB restriction
Note 3107783 - Load DTO data package wise back from Sybase IQ ( cold -> hot )
Note 3153446 - Archiving of IMOCube with more than 255 characteristics results in mes RSDA 228
Note 3169877 - RSDA_CLEANUP_ARCHIVE enhancements
Note 3214341 - SAP NLS: improved error logging upon archiving reload
Note 3217479 - NLS on sybase IQ: reload with LOB fields
Note 3238815 - Pruning of IQ access is not working


Three things to know when using NLS/DTO/ILM

I still remember this phrase from a Swiss SAP Sales Person from my early days. 
I told him, that I did some Consulting activities which helped
one of many Customers to move forward with their SAP BW Solution.
His Answer to that Information was fairly simple for him:
"Roland, what is your Point? I can only remember three things at the time."


First: correct Setup of the SAP IQ Database

Check that you are using the current Versions for SAP IQ Database and Network Client (SDA/ODBC)

Note 2551457 - SAP IQ 16.1 SP 03 Supported Operating Systems and Versions
Note 2669590 - SAP IQ 16.1 SP 04 Supported Operating Systems and Versions
Note 3060790 - SAP IQ 16.1 SP 05 Supported Operating Systems and Versions
Note 2833463 - RedHat 8 Certification - SAP ASE / SRS / IQ / SDK
Note 2772999 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x: Installation and Configuration
Note 2777782 - SAP HANA DB: Recommended OS Settings for RHEL 8

Note 2201721 - How to download SAP IQ support packages and patches

Note 3315581 - SAP IQ 16.1 SP05 PL08 (Build 12790) Release Notes Information
Note 3315550 - SAP IQNC 16.1 SP05 PL08 (Build 12790) Release Notes Information
Note 3350775 - SAP IQ 16.1 SP05 PL09 (Build 13176) Release Notes Information
Note 3352938 - SAP IQNC 16.1 SP05 PL09 (Build 13176) Release Notes Information

this is already a big fountain of possible error and problem sources, especially

Note 2072203 - How to generate an SAP SQL Anywhere or SAP IQ Request Log to record executed SQL comm...
Note 2270379 - How to dynamically enable SQL Server Request Logging - SAP IQ

Q – the easy Installer for SAP IQ - would be an answer, but unfortunally not "official" as the result is "supported", but the way of the SAP IQ Database Installation is not (what an irony).

Second: correct SDA/ODBC Setup to the primary Database

  • is really all necessary software accessible?

  • is the grant possible between the IQ remote source and the primary DB?

  • are the correct variables in the correct profiles activated

  • are all server restarted after the configuration?

  • are the current updates for the ODBC/SDA/LibDBSL drivers installed?

The SDA/ODBC Setup is still a complex manual task, which could be potentially automated, or SAP IQ and HANA could be use SAP proprietary connection Methods which is not considered.

Note 3119008 - Configure SAP IQ and HANA for SDA/ODBC

Current (06.2023) SAP HANA Client/ODBC/SDA drivers:

Note 2184030 – SAP HANA Smart Data Access: How to Increase the Number of Objects Displayed
Note 1989436 - Open ODS View with Smart Data Access - Invalid Table Name during Query Execution
Note 2100962 - FAQ: BW Near-Line Storage / Cold Store with HANA Smart Data Access: Query Performance
Note 2165650 - FAQ: BW Near-Line Storage / Cold Store with HANA Smart Data Access
Note 2352696 - SAP HANA Smart Data Access 2.0 Master Release Note
Note 2695442 - External Hana View: Activation of BW Object fails with error 'Replication failed RS2H...
Note 2902060 - Why the temp files created by DBSL to handle data loads from DTO into IQ are excessiv...
Note 3122299 - "user is not authorized" error during HCPR data read
Note 3134719 - SIQ: allow COMMITs to IQ within load streaming
Note 3149596 - Checklist to resolve insufficient authorization errors related to External SAP HANA v...
Note 3211177 - How to find invalid Views and re-validate them - SAP IQ


SAP Help - (NetWeaver) SAP HANA Smart Data Access (SDA) for Near-Line Storage in SAP IQ
SAP Help - (HANA) SAP Authorization Objects

Also the following Issues have to be considered here, when the SDA/ODB connection worked in the past and suddenly not anymore:

  • If the correct LibDBSL for ASE/IQ was not included in a SAP Kernel Update, the connection doesn't work anymore.

  • If in the meantime a SAP ABAP Upgrade took place, the SAP ABAP Environment is overwritten and the SDA/ODBC Setting are missing.

  • The SAP BW System was overwritten by a System Copy and the RSDANLCON Settings are not fitting anymore. (Note 2344235).

  • The existing SAP IQ Database was replace by an old Backup from a System Copy and the Settings are not fitting as well anymore (DBCO and RSDANLCON).

  • Eventually the SAP IQ Network client Directory was deleted or replaced and the SDA/ODBC Environment is not fitting anymore.

  • Since the correct SDA/ODBC Setup is working, additional Setting to other Databases were added to the Environment which causes the original Setup to stop.

  • The IQ Backup Events are not working properly, as they are mandantory for the correct writing process of the nearline storage data.

  • The DBCO Entry for the IQ Database was changed and the setting for min/optimal/permanent changed without notice.

  • Due to authorization issues someone changed the user in the DBCO Connection from SAP<SID>USR to DBA, this will not work.

  • the SAP_SYSTEM_MAIN DB and/or SAP_SYSTEM_TEMP DB Space are full due to missing IQ Database Monitoring and follow up errors take place.


Third: correct ABAP Customizing (HANA/DBCO/RSDANLCON)

Please Note, the DBCO connection which is further used, MUST use a designated user to proceed further. the Admin User DBA is not aligned for this.
SAP First Guidance – SAP NLS Solution with SAP IQ 16.x => Chapter 3.1.1.

Also this could be automated with the extension of Q - the easy Installer for SAP IQ as the SAP Host Agent is capable to do remote calls and execution to the SAP Backends, and the SAP IQ Database Installer already defined all necessary SAP Environment Variables and Informations.

Before executing the first DAP you have to execute a full/incremental backup since full event.
This can now be done with the new DBACOCKPIT for IQ.
Note 3123892 – New features for DBACOCKPIT on SAP IQ (TCI for SAP_BASIS release 750 SP11-22 and 753 ...
Note 3212812 – DBSPACE usage screen correction for TB and PB in DBACOCKPIT for SIQ dashboard

Blog - enable SAP IQ for DBACOCKPIT
Blog - How to Capture Historical Database and DBSpace Sizes in SAP HANA Cloud, data lake and SAP IQ

Blog – SAP IQ Audit Process (SAP ILM, SAP BW NLS/DTO, and Standalone SAP IQ)

If you see this, then the NLS setup is done correctly and the IQ Backup Events are in place and triggered, the IQ Database Options are set and the permissions for the affected users in SAP IQ and the primary Database are maintained correctly.


Is there a final conclusion?

The new and improved ABAP Transaction DBACOCKPIT for SAP IQ (second Wave is underway) will allow the customer to have much more analysis capabilities solving the problems by themselves also with the help of the mentioned SAP Notes above (choose the three important ones for you ... ;-))

And imagine: there would be absolutely nothing to complain and everyone would be a specialist ... 😉

Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics


“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”