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The purpose of this article is to explain the steps required to debug java source code where Agentry Cloud Edition (ACE) server is running as java application in SCP sub-account. Please note that the steps are not applicable for ACE running in subscription mode (preview, production etc.)

For Java applications, choose between three types of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Neo environment. For more information, see Install the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Neo Environment.

Extract the zip file to a folder

SAP JVM is the Java runtime used in SAP Cloud Platform. It can be set as a default JRE for your local runtime. For instructions on how to install it, see (Optional) Install SAP JVM.

Download and set up Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers. See Install Eclipse IDE.

Download and set up SAP Development Tools for Eclipse. See Install SAP Development Tools for Eclipse.

Follow the steps from the above link to install the SAP Development tools for Eclipse

Configure the landscape host and SDK location on which you will be deploying your application. See Set Up the Runtime Environment.

Then use the link below on debugging applications in the cloud and use the Applications Deployed with the Console Client steps.

After the above steps, the server should be running in debugging mode

Import java source code, adjust java path variables and build the project. Insert a breakpoint

Trigger a sync from the client and Eclipse should prompt to view in debugger perspective

If source code isn’t appearing, use the edit source code look up and map it

Once the source code is mapped successfully, the debugger should show up the source code in the debugger view. From this point, the debugging is similar to debugging the java source using SMP on-premise version. When done with the debugging, use disconnect option to disconnect the session.