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Last Update:23.06.2021

In this Blog post I would like to explain

  • How to create views in Task list

  • How views react to Global Context

  • How views react to hidden Project

How to create views in Task List

When you open the Task list , you get a predefined view called Standard. This is delivered by SAP and you can not modify the SAP delivered view. However when you change the filter criteria or even the displayed attributes you can use for filtering , you see an asterisk next to standard that the standard view has changed.

As an example you may want to change the order of displayed filter attributes. You may want to see only Tasks for a given role or due on a particular Timebox.

You can define filter attributes and filter values are as per your need



Later can save it as your own view

and also set as Default

You can also enter a search parameter and save the search parameter along with your view.

How a Default view reacts to Global context

You may know that Project and Scope are part of Global context . If you set a View say with the name My Project S4HC , with a particular Project say with the name S4HC and set is as Default , whenever you directly launch the task list , it will show you your view and hence the Project you are interested in.

But in case you are working on multiple parallel projects , you navigate to Overview Page , change the Project to say another Project say SFSF and come back to task list , the Global context will override your Default view and actually show you details from the Project SFSF .

This is how its intended to work as once you switch the Project , Global context for project gets switched and all applications then show information related to that Project.


How a saved view reacts to a hidden project

If you save a view along with a Project in the filter criteria and later hide the Project, then the saved view still shows you data from the hidden Project with the limitation that the Project name appears blank. This is a hint that you are using a hidden Project. If you plan to the Project in your view actively then maybe you should unhide the Project.

If you don't want to unhide , you can still continue to work normally in your hidden project with your saved view.


Next Steps

Hope you found this information useful. You can visit the link below that contains other blog posts in one central place for Project and Task management in SAP Cloud ALM
Project and Task Management capabilities-Master List

For latest updates and notifications you can follow me by clicking  jagmohansingh.chawla

All the best in your journey.