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I hope you all are doing well. I am writing this blog to talk about restricted key figures. You can also refer to calculated key figures by using the following blog post:

Creating Restricted Key Figures

In order to create calculate key figures, please follow with the steps below:

  1. Go to Business Analytics work center and Design Key Figures view;

  2. Click on New button;

  3. Type a name;

  4. Select a data source;

  5. Type: Restricted Key Figure;

  6. Select a Key Figure;

  7. Click on Next button;

  8. In the 2nd step, please select a Characteristic;

  9. Select a Restriction Type (the available ones will be listed after this step-by-step);

  10. In case you have selected Fixed, please maintain a restriction by clicking on Set Fixed Value Selection;

  11. In case you have selected Variable, please maintain a default value by clicking on Set Default Value Selection;

  12. If you need to have more parameters, click on Add Row;

  13. Repeat the steps 8-11;

  14. Click on Next button;

  15. Please maintain the key figure properties;

  16. Click on Next button;

  17. Finish.

Restriction Types

Key Figure Properties

Common Restricted Key Figures Questions/Issues

I hope this blog post will be able to help you in any doubt you might have about restricted key figures. If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate on bringing it in the comments area below! Your use case could be another’s doubt as well. ?