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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In this blog post, I will continue the discussion on online communities that I started in the previous two posts. You will find the link at the very end.

Today, I want to share some of my findings on how to run a successful online community.

There are many varied factors you can consider. I have singled out six things that I think are important, and there may be more that I have not mentioned here. If so, please leave your findings with me in the comments. I am curious.

Use your time, effort and commitment here:

Frequent Interaction: 

Maintain your community's interest by posting useful and pertinent content, organizing events, and initiating discussion topics. Frequent interaction in an online community is essential for keeping members. Quick, lively participation enhances trustworthiness and offers helpful user feedback for businesses. By communicating often, promoting user-created content, and providing educational opportunities, you can keep your community interested and involved. 

An example of a news blog post that you could share with your online community

Useful Content: 

Provide content that is useful and appropriate for your community members. Motivate members to participate and share their own content too. 

By offering useful content, you establish trust and loyalty among your community members, boost the level of engagement, and reinforce your position as an expert in your sector or area of interest. Understand your audience, produce suitable content and stimulate interaction.

For many years we have run a program called Content Harvest and we have asked our members to upload and share all their fantastic assets

Recognition and Reward: 

Acknowledge and appreciate active members for their contributions to the community. This can help to create a feeling of connection and motivate ongoing participation. 

Recognition and rewards in online community increase engagement, loyalty, content quality and promote positive behavior. You can generate a content system with badges and levels, and you can feature users of the month. 

Remember to be grateful that your members bother to share their nuggets with you

Expert Moderation: 

Set up solid community rules and follow them evenly to keep a constructive and polite atmosphere. Expert moderation can help to avoid disputes and ensure that the community stays focused. An expert moderator enhances leadership skills, supports community development, generates valuable conversations, and builds a network while developing online credibility. 

Be lively and involved, check content frequently & observe discussions. 

Fostering a Sense of Belonging:  

Create a welcoming and inclusive environment where members feel a sense of belonging. Clearly define the purpose and values of your community to attract like-minded individuals. 

Use the Right Tools:  

Utilize the right tools and platforms to effectively manage and grow your community. This can include social media platforms, community management software, and analytics tools. 

In SAP Global Presales, we utilize SAP Build Workzone. This tool incorporates many features that are crucial for effectively managing an online community.

These six elements can help you create a successful online community that is lively, involved, and flourishing. 

It may take time and effort, but I have found that the more you invest in it, the more rewarding it will be. Not just for you as a community leader, but also for your community members who will benefit from it. 

If you have any other experiences, you'd like to share, thoughts or comments, please do leave them in the comment field below or reach out directly. Always curious to learn.