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Dear community,

The fifth blog of the eight-part blog journey is out. You will be provided with examples explaining how you can apply correction recommendations in SAP Signavio Process Insight, discovery edition.

*Access previous blogs:

SAP Signavio Process Insights, discovery edition is a comprehensive solution offering details about your process performance from uncovering refinement potential to implementing tailored correction recommendations. They are derived automatically based on standard performance indicators from your source system.

In this blog, we will provide an example analysis demonstrating how the system outlines detailed steps required to achieve best business practices by addressing the root causes of bad performing processes.

Let’s dive into the details

Correction recommendations can be accessed by different entry points. In case you want to see all correction recommendations represented in one table (useful for technical roles), you can access them from the start screen, as shown below.


Once you click on Correction recommendations, this table comes up:



As you can see, the rows show information about the findings based on your source system.

The table shows the most impactful recommendations first. If it is not the case, you can simply click on “Finding” in the header of the second column, and then on " sort descending" in the drop-down menu. The list will automatically adjust. In this example, "392,592 production orders were found where the actual release date is at least 30 days in the past, but a confirmation hasn't been posted" (highlighted red in the screenshot).

What this means is that 392,592 production orders in the system that were released for production over 30 days ago, yet these orders have not been confirmed as completed or processed. This implies a significant backlog or delay in the production process, indicating potential inefficiencies or issues that need to be addressed to ensure timely production and order fulfillment.

Side note: you can expand the column to read the full text in case it is croped.

Impact and Effort


To focus on the most relevant information, you can sort the information based on your preferences. For example, by prioritizing correction recommendations with the highest impact, you will encounter correction recommendations that can significantly enhance your process performance. In short, recommendations are classified either as medium or high. High impact means that the positive impact of implementing a correction recommendation extends beyond the individual occurrences of the issue identified.

The effort roughly indicates how much effort is required to implement a recommendation and improve process performance.

Root Cause

Carefully consider the Root Cause information, next to “Value Driver Affected”.


It is highly valuable that the system identifies and outlines findings in your processes that cause inefficiencies and flaws in your processes. By pinpointing these issues, the system provides crucial insights into where improvements are needed. This knowledge empowers you to take targeted actions to enhance overall process efficiency, reduce bottlenecks, and drive continuous improvement. To address these issues, you will be provided with information where root causes lie in your processes as shown above.

How can I improve inefficient processes?

Coming back to our example with the 492,592 productions orders found with the release date at least 30 days in the past, but a confirmation hasn't been posted, what can I do to improve the situation? By clicking on the recommendation (in blue) “Set the production order to technically completed” you will be further directed towards a comprehensive overview, represented below. This overview shows you the exact steps you need to carry out to improve this backlog. With just a few clicks (no kidding), you can implement significant process improvements, resulting in substantial time savings.

Looking at the structure, the system shows the following rubrics: Impact, Effort, Objects, Findings, and the affected value driver. In addition, a recommended action plan is outlined.



Details tab

If you want to review the details – what are these 392 592 productions order? - the second tab will provide the information. This allows you to refine and narrow down the information to specific points (e.g., plant, order type, actual release).


One thing you need to take into consideration is that once you access your analysis, you will find blank spaces. It is because the discovery edition offers a broad, yet limited amount of data extracted in term of details and fields. The discovery edition provides you an initial valuable understanding of your processes, before committing to the full version.

What role do correction recommendations play in my transformation to SAP S/4HANA?

Keep in mind that some correction recommendations aim to optimize your processes by updating or upgrading them due to outdated transactional data. We strongly recommend to implement them when you start your transformation journey to SAP S/4HANA, before the migration. Stay tuned - we will provide more info about it in Blog 8.

Access correction recommendation from specific entry points

As mentioned in the beginning, you can access correction recommendations from different entry points, allowing for a structured analysis.

  • From the End-to-End Processes screen, select an End-to-End process or a modular process and then access Correction Recommendations (if available).


This screenshot provides an overview of the correction recommendation in End-to-End Process “Source to Pay” by having a closer look on the modular process “Procure to Receipt” for which three correction recommendations are provided.
You can read this blog for a refresher on End-to-end processes and modular processes.

  • On the performance indicator screen, choose the Correction Recommendations tab.



  • From the Lines of Business screen, select a line of business or value driver and then Correction Recommendations. In this case, you can see all correction recommendations for the line of Business “Finance”.


You can read this blog for a refresher on Lines of Business and value drivers.

You can also access (when available) the correction recommendation directly at the PPI (Process Performance Indicator) level. Stay tuned for the next blog for more information about it!

Key takeaways:

  • Immediate Improvement: SAP Signavio Process Insights, discovery edition allows users to start improving current business processes right away by providing detailed analysis and tailored correction recommendations.
  • Correction recommendations can be accessed from multiple entry points: The Start screen, End-to-End Processes, Lines of Business, and performance indicator, ensuring a structured approach to implement process improvement.
  • Impact and Effort Assessment: Recommendations are sorted by impact and effort, enabling users to prioritize actions that will significantly enhance process performance.
  • Root Cause Identification: The system highlights root causes of inefficiencies, providing valuable insights that enable targeted actions to improve overall process efficiency, reduce bottlenecks, and drive continuous improvement.
  • Detailed Insights: The system provides a detailed overview of identified issues and associated correction recommendations, helping users understand and address specific process flaws.
  • Correction Recommendations relevant for SAP S/4HANA: SAP Signavio Process Insights, discovery edition is a helpful analysis to get an initial overview on your current as-is processes and point out process inefficiencies which can be corrected with a few clicks. Some of the correction recommendations are vital for SAP S/4HANA transformation. More to come in blog 8.


In case you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.

Stay tuned for Blog 6 about “Individual Metrics to analyze (Performance Indicator)” coming out next week!

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Kind regards,
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