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With our newest feature, Flexible Tenant Configuration (FTC), SAP puts the control of configuring the tenant into the hands of the system administrator. Configure your tenant by allocating the purchased capacity units based on your business needs within your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud tenant.

Your newly bought SAP Data Warehouse Cloud tenant is provisioned with the minimum available SAP Data Warehouse Cloud size and is available for your final configuration steps. When you log into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud for the first time, you will see a message indicating that the tenant has a final step to finally configure and activate the tenant. As long as this step is not performed, you cannot use certain features of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud such as Space Management.

In the tenant self-service configuration screen, you can adjust and allocate storage and compute based on the available number of capacity units.

The storage and compute blocks depend on each other. When you modify a parameter, the other one need to be change accordingly. Please find more information, see Configure the Size of Your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Tenant. If additional capacity units are added to your account, you can allocate the added capacity units accordingly (upsize). An option to decrease or resize the size of a certain service, be it storage or compute, is on the Roadmap Explorer.

In case you bought capacity units for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP BW bridge you need to allocate the bought capacity units to your tenant. In addition, an incident is required via SAP Support Launchpad with the component DWC-BWB to activate the SAP BW bridge. During Q2 2022 SAP will improve the user experience and automate this process. During the BW Bridge activation, you can continue with your DWC configuration. For the BW Bridge usage, you need to finally create the BW Bridge instance in the SAP BW Bridge configuration screen

The Flexible Tenant Configuration (FTC) currently supports the allocation of the capacity units of the productive environments. For the non-productive or test tenants Flexible Tenant Configuration (FTC) will become available soon. Please find the list of restrictions in the SAP Note 3144215 and refer any questions on your preferences to the SAP point of contact for more information.