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Last year, I attempted to draw a comparison between SAP HANA on premise with the various SAP HANA Cloud Platform editions based on HCP SPS09.  HCP released HANA SPS11 on Q2 2016, so we’re due for an update.  In this blog, I will briefly highlight some of the new HANA features HCP has enabled since SPS09.  Click here for the full deck. 


What are some of the new HANA features since SPS09 on HCP?


Smart Data Integration (SDI):  SDI is one of HCP newest members of the integration family.  Integration refers to how data is moved or read from existing data source to HANA Cloud Platform. The relevant data can be from on premise SAP or non-Systems. The data delivery mode for SDI can be configured for real-time replication or batch process. The built-in real time adapters are for most common sources such as SAP ECC, 3rd party DBMS, Twitter, Hive Hadoop and etc.  SDI also provides the capability to build your own custom adapter if it is not part of the standard adapters.


One more thing worth mentioning is that SDI includes Smart Data Access (SDA), which means users can create virtual tables and see the data in HANA. You can move virtual tables into real tables in HANA without dealing with other configurations.  Smart Data Access is not supported on HCP because ODBC drivers are needed on the operation system level.  


How can you buy SDI?

Customers can buy one of the following HCP editions in which SDI is included:  

- HCP AppServices premium edition

- HCP AppServices multiple application edition

- HCP Integration service premium edition

Click here more information on SDI

Click here for videos on SDI


Smart Data Streaming (SDS):   SAP HANA Cloud Platform, smart data streaming provides streaming analytics and event stream processing as an extension to SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP HANA, Platform edition.  It can be used to receive and process messages from systems and devices outside of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP HANA, Platform edition in-real-time, to transform raw message streams into actionable insight providing for both event stream capture and event detection and response. 

There are few requirements on HCP that customers should be award of:

  • Customers must subscribe to the HANA DBaaS Platform Edition

  • 256GB HANA RAM is a requirement for productive systems

  • 65+GB HANA RAM can be used for development systems

Click here for more information on smart data streaming

Click here for video on smart data streaming


What HANA features are not available on HCP even with HANA SPS11?


HANA XS Advanced:  The SAP HANA XS advanced (XSA) introduced on HANA SPS11 was built on top of what HANA already started with XSJS. The new XSA engine offers more programming languages such as Node.js, JAVA, C++ and etc.


XSA is not available on HCP but it will be available on the Cloud Foundry release. XSA was mentioned in the HCP release note on April 07, 2016


For more information on XSA please read on Thomas Jung’s blog post.

Try out Cloud Foundry services (beta) starter edition on HCP.


HANA Deployment Infrastructure (HDI):

The HANA Deployment Infrastructure (HDI) is a service layer that enables users to deploy database artifacts so call containers.  This service includes a family of consistent design-time artifacts for all key HANA platform database features which describe the target (run-time) state of SAP HANA database artifacts, for example: tables, views, and procedures. The main job of HDI is strictly focus on deployment.  For more information on HDI please read on Thomas Jung’s blog post.



I have created a comparison list of key HANA features based on SPS11 revision.   The comparison is between features of SAP HANA Base/Platform Edition and HCP DBaaS HANA Base/Platform Edition.  It illustrates the availability of SAP HANA platform features across 4 editions.

Before clicking on the slide link, please note the following legend:

∅ - This feature is not part of the edition or simply not available

- It is included in the edition

$   - It is not included in the edition but is available for purchase

Beta Release – Software is on beta release


This is a sample slide from the complete presentation.  This slide compares the HANA on premise enterprise edition with HCP platform edition (please note that HCP does not have an enterprise edition). The purpose of the slide is to illustrate what features are available in the HANA enterprise edition.

Click here for the full deck



Hopefully by reading this blog, you will have a better understanding of what is available on HCP.  HCP will continue to enable more HANA features as time goes by, so please stay tuned and learn the benefits of both platforms together in HCP.