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In June 2011, IDC released an Insight report predicting “SAP is poised to become a DBMS powerhouse.” It’s just two years after our merger with Sybase, and we’re seeing that prediction come true. I’d like to recap some of the highlights of that report and update you on what we’ve accomplished since then. Also, in this 4-minute video you can hear directly from our customer, the Colgate-Palmolive Company, how SAP HANA is "taking it to the next level."

Colgate Uses SAP HANA to Manage Sales Profitability and Analysis Reporting

In this video, Tom Green, CIO of Colgate-Palmolive Company, talks about how Colgate-Palmolive is using the SAP HANA platform to manage sales profitability and analysis reporting. “The challenge for me is to be able to provide the business with the information they need, when they need it,” says Green.


With SAP HANA, salespeople can now run reports 100 to 300 times faster than ever before. SAP HANA simplifies the Colgate-Palmolive IT environment, providing consistency and greater accuracy in reporting when compared to spreadsheets. With instantaneous access to data, SAP HANA opens up the opportunity to analyze data that business leaders would not have considered before.

According to Green, “SAP HANA has delivered on the promise. It’s fast, and it’s going to help us really take it to the next level.”

It Takes Two: How the SAP and Sybase Merger Is Shaking Up the DBMS Market

Here are three examples of how our expanded portfolio of solutions continues to provide tremendous benefits for our customers by empowering them to conduct business in real time. 

1. System-wide optimization: The pairing of Sybase database technology with SAP transactional and analytic applications enables improved data connectivity as well as streamlined cross-database data management. So companies that have integrated both SAP and Sybase across their enterprise can take advantage of real-time business performance with systems that bring them integration of all data management assets, optimal performance between systems, and the ability to synthesize huge volumes of data into actionable information.

2. Mobile agility: SAP Sybase mobile technology allows companies to extend SAP business data management and analysis to the edge of the enterprise. This was an important offering that we were unable to provide prior to our merger, and it’s enabled us to close the loop on our real-time data management offering.


Research firm Gartner predicts that by 2014, there will be a 90% mobile penetration rate and 6.5 billion mobile connections. This new generation of users demands immediate access to enterprise applications from any location, at any time. We can now offer users a mobile platform that can support SAP applications and enable partners and customers to develop complementary applications to help them run their businesses better.


3. Comprehensive offering: IDC predicted that we would focus on expanding our offering of products that are integrated with the SAP HANA platform, and that has happened. Our business analytics solutions bring together a full complement of applications for business intelligence; enterprise information management; enterprise performance management; governance, risk, and compliance; and data warehousing and analytics. This breadth of solutions easily meets the needs of the entire range of decision makers and influencers involved in a software stack sale.

Two years after the SAP and Sybase merger, we’re well on our way to becoming the “DBMS powerhouse” that IDC predicted. Today we’re providing organizations with the powerful infrastructure they need to take full advantage of their data and respond in real time to their most pressing challenges and opportunities.

Like the Colgate-Palmolive Company, how is your company looking to "take it to the next level" with big data?