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Thank you for attending the Cloud Platform Integration Suite Quarterly update from labs for Q2/2019.

Recording | Presentation

Here’s a recap for those who could not attend the webinar:

SAP Cloud Platform Integration:

Multi-cloud availability: SAP has built a flavor of the SAP Cloud Platform that gives you the capability to run on any cloud infrastructure like AWS, Azure, Private Cloud, etc. without making major adjustments. We call it the Cloud Foundry flavor. In order to leverage the advantages of this underlying Cloud foundry based SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Cloud Platform Integration has evolved into a new avatar of a powerful, yet flexible, docker-based middleware using best in breed technologies for each service - micro-services based architecture for each sub-component that are loosely coupled.

The Cloud Foundry version is not feature complete compared to Neo. For details on the missing features, please refer the release restrictions. The feature gaps are planned to be removed by end of the year.

The data-center roadmap on the availability of SAP Cloud Platform on the III-party hyper-scalers, like Azure and AWS is as follows:

Trial: After a long long wait, we are very happy to announce that SAP Cloud Platform Integration is now available for trial and it is FREE.

The SAP Cloud Platform Integration trial will only available on the Cloud foundry environment. It is hosted on the AWS datacenter based out of Frankfurt.

The trial accounts expire after 30 days. You can extend the trial period to a maximum of 90 days, after which your account is automatically deleted. Enable the trial by your self - simply register for the trial and provision the trial tenant on your own within a matter of 20-25mins.

It is as feature complete as the Cloud Foundry productive instance and all the feature limitations on Cloud Foundry productive instance also apply to the trial. The feature gaps are planned to be removed by end of the year.

Adapters demoed: JDBC adapter, Open Connectors Adapter.

Maintaining SAP Cloud Platform Integration operations notification contact watchlist: with this new feature, you can now choose the people who need to be notified about the operational news on SAP Cloud Platform Integration.


API Management:

We presented details of how dynamic routing is supported in API Management. Learn about how routing rules can be used and multiple target endpoints can be defined. Also, hear about the latest innovations and updates in the context of API lifecycle development and governance, as well as for engaging developers. Do explore the API Cockpit introduced as part of SAP API Business Hub.


SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors:

The recent innovation were in the area ranging from availability of Open Connectors in Cloud Foundry Frankfurt AWS region,  new connectors like Workday,  deeper integration with SAP products like integration with SAP Data Hub ( available from SAP Data Hub 2.5),  an Open Connectors extension policy in SAP Cloud Platform API Management, publishing of the connectors in SAP API Business Hub,  an Open Connectors adapter in SAP Cloud Platform.   Many more innovation coming up in the Q3 so stay tuned.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Advisor:

The latest updates of SAP Cloud Platform Integration Advisor includes the offering of the service in CPEA a.k.a pay-per use where the service is offered already for a monthly consumption. We also provide brand new B2B / A2A Content such as SAP owned Interfaces and APIs such as IDoc ( Release 1809), SOAP On Premise(Release 1809) + Cloud(Release 1905) and OData(Release 1905) as well cXML(6 Version). New features were also introduced like Compare function of the customized interfaces, Upload own codelists, export Documentation via RTF is provided. We would like to offer additional service offerings in Q3 stay tuned for the updates via the web seminars and our blogs.


Questions & Answers:

Is SAP Cloud Platform Integration available on Microsoft Azure data centers.
As of today, Microsoft Azure is not supported, but on the roadmap for Q3.19.

What are the plans to support ExactlyOnce and ExactlyOnceInOrder in SAP Cloud Platform Integration?
ExactlyOnceInOrder is not supported. ExactlyOnce can be achieved through modeling. You can find more details (as a flow template and document) in the Exemplars package on the API business hub. Refer this blog for more details.

Once feature parity has been reached between CF and Neo, moving forward will Neo be deprecated, or new functionality will be made available for both CF and Neo?
SAP will continue to support customers on Neo. We will however not spawn any more new Neo datacenters going forward. Feature parity shall always be maintained in both the flavors - Neo and Cloud Foundry. The underlying architecture may differ however, since the Cloud Foundry is container based.

What do you mean by "subscription licensing is not available"? Does that mean CPI on CF is available only through CPEA?
That is right. As of today, you can license SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite services on Cloud Foundry only via consumption-based pricing a.k.a. CPEA. Subscription will be introduced soon also on Cloud Foundry.

Does JDBC adapter works in Transactional mode? Will there be a rollback when there is a failure during the execution of query?
No, the JDBC adapter does not work in a transactional mode across multiple JDBC writes/updates. This will need to be managed separately. You can also model a roll-back in the exception sub-process.

Can SAP include Open Connectors licence under Enterprise Edition?
So far this is not possible. We have noted your request and will try to see what best we can do about this.

When will CLI/SDKs for API development lifecycle be released?
The API development lifecycle CLI/SDKs is planned to be released in July 2019. There will be a formal round of announcements through blogs once this is out.

Is there a step-by-step guide on dynamic routing in API-Management?
Yes, you can find the detailed list of steps here.

My question is on the Integration advisor - basically, I didn't get any proposal for the source/target MIGs that I was looking for. It looks like a “chicken and egg” case – i.e. if I can’t get proposals when using the ICA, then there is no benefit for purchasing/using it, and if no one uses it, then there won’t be any proposals in the database.
Our customer base is growing and contribute the content which leads to the proposals you need with the new huge amount of content knowledge growing so that you will get the proposals! Besides, the fact of the proposal being a central Content management system for Interfaces and mapping is another value proposition, ICA can serve. Being able to share the artifacts towards CPI/PI is optimizing your single source of truth for your interfaces!

Are all the capabilities/functionality available in CPI-Neo available in CPI-Cloud Foundry or are the some still not available in Cloud Foundry? Also, are there any migration paths from Neo to CF?
Yes, there is a feature gap between Neo and Cloud Foundry, which are planned to be fulfilled by the end of the year. You can find more details about the gaps here.
Regarding migration, there is not much needed to move your integration from Neo to Cloud Foundry. It will only need redeployment of integration flows and security artifacts plus adjustments of certificates and endpoints.

Is the JDBC connector for a HANA DB working only in the same global account or also cross global account?
Yes, you can access a HANA DB or a Sybase DB allocated only within same global account

How about to consolidate the IDE from CPI and API Management?
Good Point. This is something we are also looking at. We have a full-fledged stream that will slowly but gradually bring them closer and into one eventually. It is also on our radar.

Did I hear correctly earlier that SAP Cloud Platform Integration has been renamed or should we refer to it by a new name?
Cloud Platform Integration has not been renamed. Only the service in the accounts cockpit has been renamed.

If we have enterprise Edition, is open connector adapters comes by default or we have to purchase?
SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors is not part of an License. It needs to be bought separately.

Can we use jdbc conenctor to connect to IBP also?
Sorry! Not yet. You can only connect to SAP HANA and SAP Sybase ASE.


That is it for now. Thank you for your time. I hope this was useful.

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