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Do you want to know at what time a certain integration flow was deployed on your system? Do you want to track who accessed your business data stored in the system? With the August 19th, 2017 increment of SAP Cloud Integration (software version 2.31* and 1.53.* respectively) a log has been introduced in the Web UI Monitor of SAP Cloud Integration which shows critical events issued in the system.

Typically an audit log comprises both security relevant events as well as changes applied to the system. For SAP Cloud Integration this includes events such as the deployment of integration flows to the system, the access to the message payload persisted in the system, the execution of administrative task such as software update, and many more. Each log event contains information on the user triggering the event, the date and time of the event, the source IP address and any further data needed to understand the log event.

Access to the audit log is protected with the role “AuditLog.Read” (assigned to group role “AuthGroup.Administrator”). The log data is retained for 30 days in the system. To programmatically access the log data the public API exposed with SAP Cloud Integration can be used.

In the initial version of the feature released on August 19th, 2017 the events which are exposed in the log are limited. For example, events such as the deployment of integration content artifacts to the system and configuration changes applied to the log level for message processing are written to the log. Over time it is planned to add more and more events to the log to achieve a full coverage of critical events issued in the system.

I hope you will enjoy using the new capabilities. In case of questions or feedback please feel free to comment on this blog.