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Accessing existing Headers via Content Modifier & Write Variables

As part of the release 2.41, we have introduced an option to select previously defined headers in the Content Modifier and Write Variables flow steps. This would enable the integration developer to reuse the value of previously defined header or XPath in the subsequent headers, properties or variables within the same integration flow.

In the Content Modifier (or Write Variable) when you create a new header using the type "Header", you will find a "Select" button next to the value field.


Image 1: Create header using "Header" type


Image 2: "Select" button to fetch previously created headers


On clicking "Select", the selection dialog will list all the headers created in the previous Content Modifier flow steps. But if there are no header defined before this Content Modifier, the "Select" would open up an empty selection dialog.


Image 3: Select from the list of headers 


You can also create an exchange property using the "Header" type and reusing previously defined header value for this property.


Image 4: Create exchange property using "Header" type


Image 5: Select from the list of headers 


The same feature is also enabled for Write Variable flow step where you can create a variable using the "Header" type and reusing the value of the previously defined headers.

Image 6: Create write variable using "Header" type


Image 7: Select from the list of headers 


Accessing existing XPath via Content Modifier & Write Variables

Like reusing the previously defined headers, it is also now possible to create header, exchange property or variable using the "XPath" type and reusing the XPath's available in the WSDL that you have added in your Sender adpater.


Image 8: Create header "XPath" type


Image 9: Select from the list of headers 



I hope this increment of the feature is useful and improves your integration scenario development experience. Looking forward to your feedback.