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Developers create custom action in Business Object Definition by providing any name.

With the 1808 release, if you are using a SAP reserved keyword to define an action, you will get a warning. Example: If an action with name ‘SearchText’ is defined, you will get a warning message.

If you have already used such a name, when you open the BO definition, you will get warning message to change the name. This is valid even for BOs already created and under maintenance.

You need to change the name of the action to another name which is not reserved by SAP and adapt the screens and ABSL where the action is used.

With 1902 release, it will not be possible to use reserved keywords. You will get errors for new BO actions as well as for the existing custom BO definition


Action Required by Customers

1.Open the solution and use Quick Find in Edit menu. Provide the action name and the search result will indicate all the UI components and ABSL files where the action is used

2.Change the action name in BODL and adopt the new name in all the UI components and ABSL where the action is called.

3.Activate and deploy the solution