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In SAP Analytics Cloud, story creators have the ability to create either Canvas or Responsive pages, each with their own strong advantages.

Canvas Layout - Ideal for advanced, pixel-perfect layouts

  • The designer sees exactly what the end user sees regardless of what resolution they are looking at.

  • Scrollbars will appear if viewer is on lower resolution.

What canvas pages can do that are not possible on responsive pages:

  • Set exact canvas size

  • Set exact object size

  • Overlay objects

  • Bring objects to front/back

  • Group objects


Examples of overlaying, grouping, and rotating objects.


Responsive Layout - Ideal for reports consistently viewed on multiple device sizes

  • Content reflows based on the resolution.

  • In smaller design spaces, some items such as legends or data labels will be automatically hidden to maximize usable chart area.

  • There is NO way to allow any overlay of objects as the positions of bars or other chart elements will adjust when reflowing.

What responsive pages can do that are not possible on canvas pages:

  • Be rendered on mobile devices

  • Be used in the new Digital Boardroom experience which includes Surface Hub and N number of screens

  • Be used in upcoming DiBo mobile

NOTE: More features possible in upcoming releases


How to Migrate Between Responsive and Canvas Pages

You can easily copy and paste multiple objects between pages by selecting all objects and using ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste. Alternately, you can also copy and paste using the menu bar.

NOTE (and super cool feature): You can copy and paste multiple objects BETWEEN stories as well, so long as you remain within the same browser tab.

Click and drag to select all objects, and then use the top menu or ctrl+c to copy.


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