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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear All,

New feature got introduced on September 29, 2021 Product release - Passwordless Authentication

Documentation Link


Biometric authentication methods have made a lot of headway in recent years. Fingerprint scanners come standard on many smartphones, and a number of companies are working on iris scanning, retina scanning, facial recognition, voice-printing, heartbeat, and even gait recognition, all targeted at consumer devices. It seems as though the future of authentication as foretold by decades of science-fiction is finally just around the corner. But before we as individuals begin to adopt these methods for logging in to every applications we use, and before we as organizations begin to support these methods, we should consider how they are different from the tried and true password system, and how those differences could impact our lives.

No need to remember every Passwords


Fingerprint scanners are one of the most obvious biometric authentication systems where this flaw is relevant. Our hands are our primary system for interacting with our world, and we touch thousands of objects in the course of a day, leaving fingerprints everywhere.


Second, one of the most important parts of password based authentication is that passwords (at least so far) are private.

Identity Authentication supports the following:

Device OS Browser
Face ID Latest iOS

  • Latest Chrome

  • Latest Safari

Touch ID Latest macOS

  • Latest Chrome

  • Latest Safari

Windows Hello Windows 10

  • Latest Edge

  • Latest Chrome

Let's begin to enable Biometric Authentication for your IAS tenant

Step 1

Just follow the steps as per the order shown in below screen for the applications you would like to enable for users to give a choice for authentication.

Step 2

Configure your Biometric Authentication to your device ( Laptop or Mobile) and scan your fingerprint to get activated.

Step 3

Go to your Application to see Biometric Authentication is enabled in your login screen and click on the button.

Step 4

Now, you will be prompted with Windows Security to scan your fingerprint used in above step for activation.

Step 6

if fingerprint is matched and successful, users will be able to get inside the application without any entering password.

Access link to deactivate or to add other device Biometric Authentication

https://<IAS Tenant>/ui/protected/profilemanagement